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What Is Amazon Flex: All You Need To Know About It

What Is Amazon Flex All You Need To Know About Amazon Flex

Ridesharing and food delivery jobs may have put your “people skills” to the ultimate test. In such a case, Amazon Flex can be a great choice for you. Flex is a platform by Amazon for drivers who want to deliver items to online buyers in a manner that the company refers to as “smiles.” This job may provide you with a break from the pain and stress of dealing with the general public since you will not even see the people on the other end of the delivery most of the time. However, Amazon Flex offers more benefits than just that.

In this article, we will go over some additional benefits and drawbacks so you can determine if this would suit you.

Quick Guide

  • What Is Amazon Flex
  • Requirements For Amazon Flex Drivers
  • Benefits Of Using Amazon Flex
  • Amazon Flex Driver Salary
  • Considerations Of Driving For Amazon Flex
  • Wrap Up 

What Is Amazon Flex

Many people are starting side hustles to supplement their income and set their work schedules. Amazon Flex is an option to start a side hustle with just an app on your phone and a personal vehicle. The initiative was launched by the e-commerce giant in 2015 as more individuals enrolled in gig work services like Doordash and Uber, which allowed them to perform with their cars.

Flex drivers help the business complete its last-mile deliveries or packages reach their final destinations at customers’ doorsteps. These deliveries include pick-up orders from local stores as well as orders from, Prime Now, and Amazon Fresh. 

Currently, Amazon Flex is available in over 100 US cities and towns. The program is separate from the Amazon delivery drivers within the company’s Delivery Service Partners program.

Requirements For Amazon Flex Drivers

You must fulfill the following company requirements:

  • Be 21 years of age or older.
  • Possess a Social Security number.
  • Pass a criminal and DMV background check.
  • Hold a valid US driving license.
  • Own a vehicle large enough to carry delivery loads, specifically, a midsize four-door sedan or larger, except for Prime Now, which permits using any reliable four-door vehicle.
  • Maintain sufficient insurance on your vehicle beyond the insurance Amazon offers, as shown on the Amazon website.
  • Have a compatible smartphone, as shown in the table below.
Android 7.0 or newer2 GB or higher RAMCamera with flashGPS location servicesSIM cardiPhone 6s or newer iOS 14 or higher

When you join the team, meeting the requirements to become an Amazon Flex driver and managing the shipping and scanning procedures might seem difficult. However, there are excellent reasons why so many drivers enjoy their jobs at Amazon Flex.

Benefits Of Using Amazon Flex

No matter what your goal is, Amazon Flex helps you get there. Maybe you are saving up for something big. Or maybe you just want to earn some extra money for day-to-day expenses. Or maybe you are focusing on paying down your student loans. Whatever drives you, get closer to your goals with Amazon Flex.

Earnings matter

Whether you are saving up for something big or you just want to make some extra money, most drivers earn $18-25 an hour, which will get you there faster. And you can maximize your earnings by taking instant offers when you find a little extra time throughout your day.

Make the most of your time

Flex pays in hourly blocks. When you schedule a block, you will know how long it lasts and how much you can earn – all before your block begins. So, avoid driving around looking for work and feel confident that your time on the road is well spent.

Roll down your windows and drive

Delivering packages means you have the freedom to really be yourself. When you are on the road with Flex, there are no passengers. Listen to your favorite music or podcast and work how you want. You own the delivery experience.

Stay active

As a delivery partner, you are in and out of your vehicle and actively engaged in delivering smiles to happy customers. It is a driving gig that keeps you on your feet.

Smiles for miles, backed by Amazon

Delivering packages to customers is not just a fun way to earn extra money. You also get the benefit of all the great things that come from working with Amazon: efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

Amazon Flex Driver Salary

The Amazon Flex app description states that most delivery drivers make between $18 and $25 per hour, though the exact amount may differ based on your location and the time it takes to complete a route. Actual earnings will depend on your location, any tips you receive, how long it takes you to complete your deliveries and other factors. 

Considerations Of Driving For Amazon Flex

Before you even think about signing up, there are a few things to take into account. 

  • Delivering packages will need you to perform some moderate-to-heavy lifting.
  • You will need to deal with being outside in extreme weather.
  • Living in a city where Amazon Flex operates is a must. Visit the Amazon website to see if driving for Amazon Flex in your city is possible.
  • There must be available slots for drivers in your area. Amazon restricts the number of drivers it approves in order to make working with Amazon Flex appealing. This way they can ensure there will be enough work for them. If your city already has enough drivers, be ready to be put on a waiting list.
  • Drivers need to carry additional insurance for their safety.
  • Flex drivers work as independent contractors and are not entitled to company benefits or fuel reimbursements.

Wrap Up

The Flex program is intended to be a part-time employment opportunity. Although the availability of shifts varies daily, this may not be a consistent source of full-time work, but depending on the location, there can be busy seasons.

“The winter holiday season is typically our busiest time of year,” Amazon said on its Flex website. “Which means expanded delivery opportunities that can help you make quicker progress toward your goals.”

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