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Amazon warehouse locations in Iowa

Amazon Warehouse Locations In Lowa: Easy To Find

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Iowa is one of the few states where you will find Amazon warehouses in all corners of the state. It covers all population centers and also serves bordering states.

This might save the FBA sellers a few thousand bucks on shipping and marketing costs but the service is still not good compared to other states that we have reviewed. The eastern portion of the state is the best place to market your products.

We urge you to read the following geographic representation of the state to have a better idea of this.

Geographical Understanding of the State of Iowa in Relation to Amazon Warehouses

First look at the population heat map of the state – 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

You can clearly see a middle section where the largest cities are situated. An easter portion where the second largest city and other major cities are positioned. And some population patches in the west.

Now see the map of all the Amazon warehouses in the state – 

You can see a clear following of the population center. So, the first choice for FBA sellers would be the middle section with the highest population. The eastern portion has better service than the other regions fo the state. So advertising there would also be a good idea.

List of Every Amazon Warehouse in Iowa

The list consists of all of the large warehouse facilities and fulfillment centers. We have not mentioned the smaller ones that are for special reasons.

Here are some abbreviations that will help you to read the table-

  • FC = Fulfillment center
  • SC = Sortation center
  • DC = Distribution center
  • DS = Delivery stations
CodeAddressZip codeType of warehouse
Map Link
HMW43860 S 24th St, Council Bluffs, IA51501FCPottawattamieMap
DSM5500 32nd St SW, Bondurant, IA50035PolkMap
XLDS /HDS1 / HDS9200 SE 37th St #460, Grimes, IA50111PolkMap
MLI120710 155th Ave, Davenport, IA52806FCScottMap
DIA31301 SE Gateway Dr, Grimes, IA50111Delivery StationPolkMap
DSM92300 Shiloh Rose Pkwy SW, Bondurant, IA50035PolkMap
DIA57310 SE Crosswinds Dr, Ankeny, IA50021Delivery stationPolkMap

1. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Polk County – HDS1, HDS9, XLDS 

Address: 200 SE 37th St #460, Grimes, IA 50111

Des Moines is the largest city in Iowa. However, you will not find any large Amazon fulfillment centers in the city. I don’t know if the reason is the cost or unavailability of facilities but the nearest one is in Grimes city.

Rest assured, the distance between Des Moines and the nearest Amazon fulfillment center in Grimes city is a mere 20-minute drive via the John MacVicar freeway and Monarch Highway.

Iowa is not known for its best Amazon product research service. Most of the time, they are not on time. And it is largely because of the mismanagement of the crew inside. Working conditions are mediocre.

Although this is the largest site, it is quite risky to be your FBA warehouse. There are others in the region. But this is the largest one, and it also handles a variety of products.

2. Amazon Delivery Station, Polk County – DIA3

Address: 1301 SE Gateway Dr, Grimes, IA 50111

This is very close to the last warehouse. It is just a five-minute drive away through S James Street. From Des Moines, you will have to take the same MacVicar freeway and Monarch Highway. 

But it is a smaller one. It is a delivery station that only handles last-mile deliveries. For the guys who are looking for FBA assistance, this is not your place.

The facility’s service is not that great anyway. Customers regularly complain about the facility and its customer service, and upper management also does not respond to this. 

3. Amazon Delivery station, Polk County – DIA5

Address: 7310 SE Crosswinds Dr, Ankeny, IA 50021, United States

Relating to the same IATA code you have another delivery station that is DIA5. it is in Ankeny City but it serves all surrounding cities including Des Monies. Take the John Macvicar freeway north from the Des Monies to get there in just ten minutes from downtown.

Compared to the other delivery stations in the state this one is far better. However, it still has to go a long way to be comparable to other states. The station does not directly facilitate the FBA sellers. But the delivers from here are much better.

4. Amazon Fulfilment Center and Delivery Station, Polk County – DSM5

Address: 500 32nd St SW, Bondurant, IA 50035

Most of the time, you will not see this being referred to as a fulfillment center. But this is one in the sense that it stores and processes orders, as well as makes last-mile deliveries.

This is actually very good for FBA entrepreneurs. You get the whole package here, so you can surely use this as your hub.

It is also near the biggest population centers while serving the rural regions of Iowa. From downtown Des Moines, go north through the MacVicar freeway, turn right, and go along I-80. It is a 15-minute ride.

5. Amazon Sortation Center, Polk County – DSM9

Address: 2300 Shiloh Rose Pkwy SW, Bondurant, IA 50035

The sortation center is very close to the DSM5 fulfillment center. Both of them work in conjunction. That is also a reason we prefer the DSM5 fulfillment center for the middle portion of Iowa for FBA sellers.

Just like the DSM5 you have to take MacVicar freeway and I-80 highway to get there from Des Monies.

The service is not that bad. However, it is the fastest in Iowa.

6. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Pottawattamie – HMW4

Address: 3860 S 24th St, Council Bluffs, IA 51501

This is the only easter fulfillment center on the east side. It is on the other side of the Missouri River from Imaha City. It primarily services Omaha City and takes its products from there.

There are many fulfillment centers in Omaha. Surprisingly, this one is not as great as the ones across the river. The deliveries are late, and the staff is not helpful. Maybe that’s why it is so great working there. Yeah, employees rate it pretty high.

7. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Scott County –  MLI1

Address: 20710 155th Ave, Davenport, IA 52806

I would say among all the fulfillment centers, this is the most sophisticated one. Primarily because of the high quality service of the facility. 

It is in the eastern corner of the state in Devenport City. Interestingly, this city and the cities around it cater to both Illinois and Iowa. That is some rust belt magic.

It is in the north of the Davenport city. Follow N Brady St, Northwest Blvd, and N Division St to Research Pkwy to get heir in 15 minutes from downtown Davenport.

This is a prime location if you are doing FBA. you can serve one of the largest areas if you select this place.


My biggest complaint is about the service of the warehouses. If we are spending money on the state the service of the fulfillment facilities must be good. Otherwise, what’s the point of pouring thousands of dollars on ad money?

That’s why think thoroughly before going into Iowa.

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