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Amazon Sort Center vs. Fulfillment Center

Amazon Sort Center vs. Fulfillment Center

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You are well aware that Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world. Amazon ships millions of products every single day, and it has different types of centers with very specific operations to do so in an orderly manner. 

Amazon’s fast shipping reputation is an advantage for sellers who use Amazon FBA. We will discuss two major delivery structures that enable Amazon to consistently provide top-notch delivery services — fulfillment centers and Amazon sortation centers.

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Amazon Sort Center

Sortation centers or sort centers are intermediate short-term warehouses for outbound shipments. Firstly, packages are sorted at sort centers. They receive packages from different locations and sort them according to their destinations. A location where Amazon sorts orders based on the destination is called a sort center. These facilities are usually located closer to cities and are smaller than fulfillment centers. They serve customers who have ordered products from Amazon

Approximately 27 states in the US have sort facilities, which were established by Amazon in 2014 to help with Sunday delivery for customers.

The following are the main focus of the sort center:

Package Arrival

The sort center receives packages coming from various sources.


Packages are sorted according to where they are going. They use automated machinery and conveyor systems to accomplish this.


Packages going to the same destination get grouped together to be loaded onto identical transportation vehicles.


They load sorted packages onto trucks, vans, or other transportation methods for delivery to local distribution centers or directly to buyers.

Amazon Fulfillment Center

Fulfillment centers are warehouses where FBA sellers can send their inventory to. Amazon stores and ships products that are sent to fulfillment centers. End-to-end delivery processes are managed by Amazon fulfillment centers, where you can ship your products straight from suppliers. 

Amazon currently has over 175 fulfillment centers worldwide. Your location will determine which fulfillment center you are required to ship your inventory to. However, you can check a list of all the Amazon fulfillment centers.

The following are the main focus of the fulfillment center:


They receive the products and then store them in the fulfillment center’s inventory.

Inventory Management

Inventory levels are managed by the fulfillment center. This ensures the availability of the products for order fulfillment.

Order Processing

Order information is received by the fulfillment center and processed when customers place orders online.


Employees pick the products from the shelves according to the order.


Carefully picked products are packaged securely for shipping, and this includes protective materials and appropriate labeling.


Orders are shipped out to customers.

Amazon Sort Center vs Fulfillment Center

Determining the difference between sort and fulfillment centers is not a simple task. To help make it more understandable, below is a simple comparison.

Sort CenterFulfillment Center
Smaller in size and capable of handling delivery processes and last-mile sorting.Large warehouses used for end-to-end delivery processes like storage, packing, and order fulfillment.
In order to facilitate efficient package sorting and routing before final delivery, often located close to fulfillment centers.They serve as key hubs or warehouses for fast and efficient shipping and are located in strategic regions across the country or worldwide.
Improve package routing and shorten shipping timelines through efficient logistics to indirectly impact delivery speed.Have a direct impact on delivery speed since they manage the entire order processing, providing buyers with faster shipping times.
Reduce shipping errors and improve package routing to streamline the delivery process.Play a significant role in customer experience by ensuring accurate and timely order fulfillment, which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Other Types of Amazon Warehouses

Apart from sort and fulfillment centers, there are other Amazon warehouses. A few of them are listed below:

  • Receive Centers
  • Delivery Stations
  • Specialty Centers
  • Amazon Fresh Warehouses


To sum up, Amazon sort and fulfillment centers have different roles, sizes, and job requirements. Fulfillment centers store, pack, and ship items, while sort centers sort packages. Sort centers are smaller and require fewer skills, but fulfillment centers are more extensive and require more skills. Understanding the distinctions between an Amazon fulfillment center and a sort center can help you better comprehend how Amazon delivers products to customers.

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