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Amazon Warehouse Locations in West Virginia

Amazon Warehouse Locations in West Virginia: Maps and Unbiased Reviews

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From fulfillment centers to delivery stations, Amazon has several warehouses in the most populated cities of West Virginia. These warehouses not only ensure fast delivery within the state but also create exciting job opportunities. 

However, there aren’t any reliable sources that provide directions to the warehouses in WV and unbiased reviews of their work environment. 

Hence, I’ve decided to list every single Amazon facility in West Virginia along with all the necessary details FBA sellers and local job seekers need. Let’s dive right in.

Listing All the Amazon Warehouses Located in West Virginia

For this list, I’ve only considered the official Amazon warehouses where products are loaded and unloaded on a daily basis. You can also find some smaller lockers and hubs across the state. 

However, these smaller facilities are only mailing services or storage facilities. So, let’s take a look at the abbreviations we’ll be using for the 5 main types of warehouses:

  • Fulfillment Center = FC
  • Delivery Station = DS
  • Flex Depot = FD 
  • Distribution Center = DC
  • Third-party warehouse = Third-party 
CodeAddressZip CodeType of WarehouseCountyContact NumberMap Link
BWI4165 Business Blvd, Clear Brook, VA 22624FCFrederick+15406783000
WCH22712 W Main St, Waynesboro, VA22980DCWaynesboro City
165 281 Woodbine Rd, Clear Brook, VA 22624DCFrederick
182 Johns Manville Dr, Edinburg, VA 22824FDShenandoah
A & S Warehouse Inc.5491 Tabler Station Rd, Inwood, WV 25428Third-partyBerkeley+13042633871

Relation Between Population Density and Amazon Warehouse Locations

Similar to other states, Amazon chose locations near the most populated counties of West Virginia. However, the warehouses are far from the residential areas of the cities. 

Below are the details about the geographical distribution of each warehouse and how it relates to the population density:

  • BWI4 Fulfillment Center and Distribution Center: Located on the northeast side of the state, there are two warehouses in Clear Brook, situated near the West Virginia border, Frederick County. With a mix of rural and suburban areas, the population density in this area is relatively moderate.
  • WCH2 Distribution Center: As Waynesboro is a relatively larger town than other locations on the list, its population density is a bit higher. The warehouse of Waynesboro is in the western part of the state on West Main Street.
  • Amazon Flex Depot: Just like Clear Brook, Edinburg is also situated on the northern side of the state. In this Shenandoah Valley town, the population is lower than the previous towns.
  • A & S Warehouse Inc.: This third-party warehouse is located in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, Berkeley County. It’s one of the most populated counties in the state, so the choice of building a warehouse in the area makes sense.

A Deep Dive into the Amazon Warehouses in West Virginia

In this section, we’ll go into the details about the warehouse locations, delivery efficiency, and job opportunities. Let’s discuss the work environment and associated benefits Amazon employees will enjoy in these West Virginia warehouses.

1. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Frederick County – BWI4

Address: 165 Business Blvd, Clear Brook, VA 22624, United States

Near the borders of West Virginia, stands the only fulfillment center of the state in Clear Brook. While the exact size of the facility is unknown, it’s likely to be similar to a standard Amazon fulfillment, ranging from 60,000 to 1 million square feet. 

The building is near the intersection of Interstate 81 and State Route 11 in Clear Brook. Within 10 miles of the warehouse, there are many notable areas including Winchester City, Winchester Regional Airport, Clearbrook Park, and a healthcare facility. 

In this warehouse, Amazon stores products sourced from manufacturers and suppliers. The BWI4 is equipped with the technology and infrastructure necessary for picking, packing, and shipping items to customers. Wages start at $16 per hour with flexible shifts 24/7. 

Despite being a massive facility and extremely busy fulfillment center, the ratings for the warehouse are great. Customers are satisfied with the delivery timing and efficiency of the workers. 

Similarly, employees also praise the professional team that trains and manages the complete packing and delivery process. If you drive to the warehouse, it should take about 4 hours and 19 minutes to get there from downtown West Virginia.

2. Amazon Distribution Center, Waynesboro City County – WCH2

Address: 2712 W Main St, Waynesboro, VA 22980, United States

In 2021, Amazon leased the Big Kmart building in West Main Street to turn it into a distribution center. The 384,094-square-foot warehouse now serves as an intermediate point between manufacturers and fulfillment centers. 

It receives bulk shipments of products from manufacturers and then redistributes them to various fulfillment centers based on demand and proximity to customers. 

Initially, it was planned to provide jobs to at least 100 employees with an attractive pay range starting from $15 per hour. 

Customers and workers have given mixed reviews of the warehouse. Most complaints are regarding late delivery and employee behavior. On a traffic-free route, it takes 3 hours and 39 minutes from West Virginia downtown.

3. Amazon Distribution Center, Frederick County 

Address: 165 281 Woodbine Rd, Clear Brook, VA 22624, United States

One of the largest Amazon warehouses in West Virginia, this distribution center covers around a million square feet of area. More than 1,000 full-time, part-time, and temporary employees work in the facility to process and ship large orders. 

If you’re a full-time employee, the company will offer you competitive wages, medical insurance, Ramp Back benefits, paid leave of up to 20 weeks, retirement saving plans, etc. 

For more career-oriented workers, Amazon offers skill development training and pre-paid tuition. Unfortunately, many employees didn’t receive these added benefits and had to work harder and for longer hours. 

Moreover, associates and drivers aren’t satisfied with the loading and unloading process. From downtown West Virginia, you can reach the facility in about 4 hours.

4. Amazon Flex Depot, Shenandoah County

Address: 182 Johns Manville Dr, Edinburg, VA 22824, United States

For Amazon Flex drivers, Amazon built this special warehouse for fast pick-up and last-mile delivery. The Amazon Flex program allows drivers to work flexible hours. 

From this warehouse, independent contractors and drivers deliver packages and groceries for Amazon using their own vehicles. Here, the work hours typically range from 2 to 6 hours. 

As for the wages, the initial salary range starts at $18 to $25 based on the demand. Unfortunately, the flexible hours and competitive pay range haven’t been able to improve the expertise or efficiency of the drivers. 

Associates have complained about delivery to the wrong location and unprofessional behavior. It’s a 4.13-hour ride to the facility from downtown.

Parting Words

As a small state with mostly rural and suburban areas, West Virginia isn’t considered an industrial hub that attracts a big company like Amazon. Therefore, the state mostly has Amazon counters and lockers for product storage and delivery. 

In the existing warehouses of West Virginia, you get similar services and additional benefits to any other larger state. Check out live updates on Amazon’s site to see if any new job opportunities open for the residents of the state.

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