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Amazon Warehouse Locations in Georgia

Every Amazon Warehouse Location in Georgia | FBA Made Easy

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Georgia is among the top ten most populous states in the country. So, the enormous list below is standard.

Also, note that all warehouses on our lists have been verified. We have not included many unverified and third-party warehouses. We have excluded other types of storage facilities that are not warehouses.

We have no sponsorship like most other lists online that litter unverified locations with made-up information.

List of Every Amazon Warehouse in Georgia

This list is the holy grail of all Amazon warehouses in Georgia. You have the location with the city, county, and even the zip codes. Amazon has codes for all warehouses, and I have collected and verified them.

You will not find unverified data which that is circulating online. Amazon flex, express, and locker locations are also omitted since these storage facilities are not warehouses. However, they might function like one and have similar codes.

Here are some abbreviations that will help you to read the table-

  • FC = Fulfillment center
  • SC = Sortation center
  • DC = Distribution center
  • DS = Delivery stations
CodeAddressZip CodeType of warehouseCountyPhone numberMap Link
SAV37001 Skipper Rd., Macon, GA31216-6427FCBibb County14783458392Map
VUTE1020 S H Morgan Pkwy, Pooler, GA 313223rd partyChatham County19123307704Map
DGE41500 Crossgate Rd, Port Wentworth, GA 31407DCChatham CountyMap
SAV4800 Pine Meadow Dr, Pooler, GA31322FCChatham countyMap
XLDS/HSA12367 Tremont Rd, Savannah, GA 31405FCChatham countyMap
DAT14800 Highlands Pkwy SE, Smyrna, GA 30082Cobb CountyMap
HAT97520 Factory Shoals Rd, Austell, GA 30168Cobb CountyMap
MGEZ550 Hartman Rd, Austell, GA 30168Cobb CountyMap
AGS12150 Discovery Dr, Appling, GA30802FCColumbia CountyMap
AGS5/AGS3785 Innovation Pkwy, Appling, GA30802SCColumbia CountyMap
CSG1280 Bridgeport Blvd, Newnan, GA 30263FC+DCCoweta countyMap
DTG56945 Button Gwinnett Dr, Atlanta, GA 30340DCDekalb CountyMap
DGE72125 Anvil Block Rd, Forest Park, GA 30294DSDekalb CountyMap
ATL22255 W Park Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA30087FCDeKalb County17868684310Map
SGA21707 Blairs Bridge Rd, Lithia Springs, GA30122Douglas CountyMap
ATL82201 Thornton Rd, Lithia Springs, GA 301223rd partyDouglas County14047932555Map
ATL64200 N Commerce Dr, East Point, GA 30344-5707SCFulton County12062661000Map
VUJL6705 Oakley Industrial Blvd, Union City, GA 302913rd partyFulton County16787544828Map
VUPK6355 Buffington Rd, Union City, GA 302913rd partyFulton County17703711500Map
HGA65115 Stonewall Tell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30349DCFulton CountyMap
DGT86020 Shiloh Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30005DSFulton CountyMap
XEW1/XEW26855 Shannon Pkwy, Union City, GA30291FCFulton CountyMap
MGE84905 Derrick Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30349SCFulton CountyMap
ATL76855 Shannon Pkwy S, Union City, GA 30291Fulton County18882878352Map
MGE96400 Buffington Rd, Union City, GA 30291Fulton CountyMap
XAT21140 S River Industrial Blvd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315Fulton CountyMap
UGA2/TJA22302 Marietta Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA30318Fulton CountyMap
DAT67055 Campbellton Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30331Fulton County16785085860Map
KGA6/KGA8/VUKG3201 Centre Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30349Fulton CountyMap
UGA4/ATL92232 Northmont Pkwy Suite 100, Duluth, GA 30096FCGwinnett CountyMap
DAT21700 Belle Meade Ct, Lawrenceville, GA30043Gwinnett CountyMap
SGA14925 Avalon Ridge Pkwy, Peachtree Corners, GA 30071Gwinnett CountyMap
4010 Venture Dr, Duluth, GA 30096Gwinnett County16786916465Map
DGE95000 Lanier Islands Pkwy, Buford, GA30518Gwinnett County14049521084Map
MGE3808 Hog Mountain Rd, Jefferson, GA 30549DCJackson CountyMap
MGE5/XIX8235 Hog Mountain Rd, Jefferson, GA 30549SCJackson County17063878700Map
MGE1/MGE7650 Broadway Ave, Braselton, GA30517FCJackson County17068243000Map
AGS2/PGA1429 Toy Wright Rd, Pendergrass, GA30567FCJackson County17069836186Map

Geographical Understanding of the State of Georgia in Relation to Amazon Warehouses

Graphics suggestions for this section: Adding a map with different layers of counties and city boundaries along with a pin on every warehouse location would be great. The pins for locations can also be different based on the type of warehouse. There can also be a population density heat map showing the dispersion of the warehouses in relation to the population.

Here are some examples-


Left picture –

Right picture – a screen shot

First, you can clearly see the northern population center of Atlanta city and surrounding areas. Then, you have four other major population hubs, other than several patches of population centers, which you can see all over the map. Those four are-

  1. In the center – Macon city and cities to the south of it in Peach and Houston County
  2. In the east – Augusta city and cities to the north of it in Columbia County
  3. In the west – Columbus city and cities to the south of it in Chattahoochee County
  4. In the southeast – Savannah City and the whole of Chatham County

Almost all of the fulfillment centers and other Amazon warehouses are located in the north of the state, around Atlanta, Marietta, and Athens.

Surprisingly, there are no large warehouses in Columbus City or the eastern part. There were some Amazon hubs, but even those are permanently closed now. Other population hubs listed here have at least one fulfillment center and some other facilities.

Detailed Discussion of Warehouse Locations in Georgia

We have around 40 verified warehouse locations in Georgia. And many more third-party fulfillment and delivery partners of Amazon. We won’t be going into detail for each of them but let’s look into the most important Fulfillment centers of Georgia.

1. Amazon Prime for Gwinnett Fulfillment Center, DeKalb County – ATL2

Address: 2255 W Park Pl. Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30087

It is a fairly new fulfillment center that opened in 2020. It is one of the nearest cities to Atlanta. It is just on the northeastern side of the Stone Mountain Park. From downtown Atlanta, use the US-78 E freeway for a 40-minute ride to the warehouse.

It is a prime now center. The prime now is a part of the total fulfillment facility, and it serves much more than just Gwinnett. The whole of Atlanta and most of the surrounding population centers can be served from here.

Unlike most of the Amazon warehouses, this fulfillment center has wonderful reviews. The service and working conditions are good as well. However, there was this protest for better working conditions.

There is an Amazon locker and an Amazon counter under two miles north of the fulfillment center.

2. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Bibb County – SAV3

Address: 6803-6999 Skipper Rd, Macon, GA 31216

It is conveniently located between two major population hubs: Macon City and the cities of Houston County in the south, like Warner Robins and Perry. From Macon, you can take Interstate 75 and drive south to the fulfillment center.

Both the working conditions and service from this hub are great. Several other Amazon lockers and counters are in the surrounding region.

3. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Chatham County – SAV4

Address: 800 Pine Meadow Dr, Pooler, GA 31322

The port city of Savannah hosts this vital Fulfillment center. It serves all of the southern region.

Although it is in the Pooler region, it is just 20 minutes from Forsyth Park in Savannah via Interstate 16, so it is virtually inside the city.

The work environment here is exceptionally good—much better than Amazon standards. Although it is a very busy station, the customers have good reviews for it.

Twenty minutes north of it is Amazon Distribution Center—DGE4. It is just between Port Wentworth and Hilton Head International Airport. It opened in September last year and was highly celebrated by Governor Biran Kemp for the 4000 jobs it brought. This distribution hub is a major location for Amazon.

You also have the fulfillment center HSA1 along with its sortation center XLDS.

4. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Columbia County – AGS1

Address: 2150 Discovery Dr, Appling, GA 30802

This is the third and last fulfillment center outside the northern Atlanta region. It is on the easternmost side of the state near the big population hub of Augusta city. Along with the whole of eastern Georgia, it also serves South Carolina.

From Augusta City, take the I-20 to the fulfilment center in White Oak Business Park. This facility was established in 2020.

Just a 15-minute walk away from the AGS1 fulfillment center are two sortation centers with the codes AGS5 and AGS3. The combination of these sortation centers makes this location vital for Amazon and Georgia.

Service from all the fulfillment and sortation centers are great. However, the working environment of the sortation centers are much better than the fulfillment center.

5. Amazon Fulfillment center, Fulton County – XEW2

Address: 6855 Shannon Pkwy, Union City, GA 30291

This is the only fulfillment center south of Atlanta, so it serves a large portion of the western side of the state.

But it is not alone. Under the same facility, you

 have warehouse ATL7. A mere 10 minutes’ drive away, you have another smaller fulfillment center, MGE9. You have two other third-party logistics companies with the codes VUJL and VUPK. There is also a flex center. All of these facilities can be reached via I-75 and then I-85.

You have good service from here. However, the working conditions could be better.

6. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Gwinnett County – UGA4 

Address: 2232 Northmont Pkwy Suite 100, Duluth, GA 30096

This is the second fulfillment center in the same county. You also have the ATL9 warehouse here. Other than that you have another Amazon warehouse at 4010 Venture Dr, Duluth. I couldn’t get the code for that one. 

The working conditions here could be better than we have seen in other fulfillment centers.

In the same county, Amazon has two more sortation centers and delivery centers with the codes DAT2 and SGA1. Amazon enjoyed many tax benefits from the states to open the facilities there, but it is not living up to the mark.

7. Amazon fulfillment and delivery center, Coweta County – CSG1

Address: 280 Bridgeport Blvd, Newnan, GA 30263

This is both a fulfillment and distribution center. Which means it takes larger intakes of products and distributes in among the many fulfillment and sortation centers.

The service and working conditions here are not great. Very recently, there was this incident of one of the Amazon employees stealing merchandise more than $100,000.

Again, a 45-minute ride via the I-85 to the south is the way to reach the site.

8. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Jackson County – MGE1

Address: 650 Broadway Ave, Braselton, GA 30517

You have two warehouses in the same area. One is the fulfilment center, with the code MGE1. Another is a FedEx Ground Facility used as one of Amazon’s warehouses. The code for this warehouse is MGE7.

The reviews for working conditions and service are good. The way to get here is GA-141 N and I-85 N.

9. Amazon Fullfillment Center, Jackson County – PGA1

Address: 429 Toy Wright Rd, Pendergrass, GA 30567

This is the last of the fulfillment centers in Georgia. There are two facilities that act as one in the same area. The other one’s code is AGS2. They are just across the street from each other.

It is one of the hotspots of the Amazon warehouse locations. Just down the road you have a distribution center (MGE3) and a sortation center (MGE5/XIX8) a 10 minute drive away.

My personal experience from their service was good. But you will find complains about there working condition. Drive north with the I-85 to get to these warehouses.

Compensation In Georgia for Amazon Employees

In Georgia, Amazon has to compensate its employees if they get hurt on the job. The benefits can include –

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills and rehabilitation expenses
  • Funeral or burial costs
  • Travel expenses related to the injury

Final Word

We are covering Amazon warehouses location in every state. This is everything about Amazon warehouse locations in Georgia. So, this is the full list of fulfillment centers, along with one distribution center and one yet-to-be-opened distribution center, which is enough for the region. We hope this list will make you happy as you find the best warehouse location near you to expand your business. Happy selling!

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