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Amazon Warehouse Locations in Oregon

Amazon Warehouse Locations in Oregon: Navigating Distribution Centers Near You

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As a moderately populated state with great industrial potential, Oregon has more than 10 warehouses in different cities. The type of warehouses in the state ranges from fulfillment centers to Amazon Prime Now hubs. 

However, not many organized and unbiased sources are available online regarding the facility locations, work environments, and job opportunities in these warehouses. 

In this guide, I’ll list every single Amazon facility in Oregon to help you find the nearest warehouse in your locality. Let’s dive in!

A List of Amazon Warehouses in Oregon

Amazon has different types of warehouses sorted by the type of processing done inside the facility. Most facilities are represented by a code for easier understanding of the warehouse type and location. 

In this list, I’ll not include smaller storage facilities or shipping buildings. To read the following table, you need to know about these terms:

  • FC = Fulfillment Center 
  • SC = Sortation Center 
  • DC = Distribution Center
  • DS = Delivery Station
CodeAddressZip CodeType of WarehouseCountyContact NumberMap Link
PDX74775 Depot Ct SE, Salem, OR 97317FCMarion(503) 391-7896
EUG5401 N Schmeer Rd, Portland, OR 97217SCMultnomah
PDX55647 NE Huffman St, Hillsboro, OR 97124SCWashington
PDX8450 Butteville Rd NE, Woodburn, OR 97026FCMarion
PDX91250 NW Swigert Way, Troutdale, OR 97060FCMultnomah+18888927180
UOR25015 NW Front Ave, Portland, OR 97210Multnomah
15075-15001 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 9720397203DCMultnomah
DPD29475 N Horseshoe Ave, Portland, OR97217FCMultnomah
DPD421409 SW 115th Ave, Tualatin, OR 97062DSWashington
DPD73108 NE 230th Ave, Fairview, OR 97024DSMultnomah
DPD84230 NE Huffman St, Hillsboro, OR 97124SCWashington
HPD115000 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203FCMultnomah
4557 Depot Ct SE, Salem, OR 97317DCMarion
515 N Schmeer Rd, Portland, OR 97217FCMultnomah

Relation Between Geographical Distribution and Population Density of Amazon Warehouses in Oregon

Image: Amazon Warehouses in Oregon (Google Maps)

A map of the state of oregon

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Image: Population Density in Oregon by County (source)

Amazon follows the same strategy for most states – building or leasing massive warehouses in the most populated counties of the state. Keeping environmental pollution in mind, the warehouses are typically located in suburban or rural sides where residential buildings are limited.

If you take a look at the two maps, you can see that Multnomah, Washington, and Marion are the three most populated counties of Oregon. This is the reason why most Amazon warehouses are located in these areas. Here’s more:

  • Warehouses in Multnomah County: Amazon has 8 facilities in different cities of Multnomah, mostly in Portland. It’s located in the Northwestern corner of Oregon, bordering Washington state. The state is a major center for Amazon e-commerce, finance, and technology.  
  • Warehouses in Washington County: There are 3 large Amazon warehouses in Washington, mostly in its highly populated city Hillsboro. The state is on the west side of Multnomah County. Apart from Amazon, high-tech companies like Intel also have a presence in Washington.
  • Warehouses in Marion County: Marion is located directly on the south of Multnomah County, inland from the coast. It has 3 Amazon warehouses and most of them are in Salem.

A Detailed Discussion of Amazon Warehouses in Oregon

Now, let’s get into the details of the most notable Amazon facilities in Oregon. I’ll cover the routes, work environment, and customer reviews for each of these warehouses.

1. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Marion County – PDX8

Address: 450 Butteville Rd NE, Woodburn, OR 97026, United States

As of now, the PDX8 is the largest fulfillment center in the Northwest United States. It’s a massive 5-story building that’s 105 feet tall. Amazon has employed the most advanced technologies to control product processing in this warehouse including advanced robotics and automated machines.

In the peak seasons, the warehouse will hire about 3,500 employees. The 3.8-million-square-foot facility uses robots to identify specific items and extract them from conveyor belts. With the pay range starting from $18 per hour, the workers here are paid higher than in many underdeveloped states.

While finding directions inside this massive warehouse can be difficult, drivers have reported that the employees there are extremely helpful. Besides, the work environment and additional benefits of the jobs in the PDX8 are also great.

One of the main concerns regarding the location of the warehouse is traffic as it’s only 31 miles away from downtown. If there’s no traffic, it will take you around 34 minutes to drive there.

2. NW Amazon Prime Now Warehouse, Multnomah County – UOR2

Address: 5015 NW Front Ave, Portland, OR 97210, United States 

Industrial Amazon Prime Now warehouses are different from regular facilities as they mainly fulfill orders for the Amazon Prime Now service. 

This specialized warehouse stocks a wide range of products including groceries, household items, electronics, fresh & frozen products, etc. As the warehouse is way smaller than a fulfillment center, it has small and centered teams to select, pack, and ship orders. 

What makes this hub different from others is that workers here take only 2 to 5 hours to deliver an order to the customer’s doorstep. While the working conditions were mostly good, workers were concerned about the heat and noise issues inside the warehouse

To tackle this, Amazon has turned off safety sirens in all its Portland facilities. As for wages, beginners can expect a minimum hourly pay rate of $16. From downtown Portland, it only takes 11 minutes to reach there. 

3. Amazon Sortation Center, Washington County – DPD8

Address: 4230 NE Huffman St, Hillsboro, OR 97124, United States

In 2016, Amazon announced leasing a 303,360-square-foot facility in Hillsboro and turning it into a sortation center. The DPD8 warehouse now has over 1,000 employees working 24/7 to deliver packages in the regional areas. 

On average, the hourly pay rate in the warehouse is $17.13, depending on the employee’s position. According to the reviews, the warehouse is well-designed and easy to navigate. 

The employees also like working in the DPD8 warehouse, which indicates a positive work environment. It will take you 31 minutes to reach the warehouse from downtown.

4. Amazon Delivery Station, Washington County – DPD4

Address: 21409 SW 115th Ave, Tualatin, OR 97062, United States

For last-mile delivery across Tualatin, Amazon opened the DPD4 delivery station in the rural side of the city. Workers here process and ship the packages and directly hand them off to the customers. 

Such delivery stations are particularly useful for drivers who can take part-time shifts for delivering orders while also continuing their regular jobs. As a delivery driver in the warehouse, you can make $20 to $23 per hour. 

While the customers are satisfied with the timely delivery services of DPD4 drivers, the workers aren’t satisfied with the work environment. 

The loading and unloading can take hours sometimes and put extra stress on the associates. From downtown Oregon, it’s a 36-minute journey to the warehouse.

5. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Marion County – PDX7

Address: 4775 Depot Ct SE, Salem, OR 97317, United States

From picking orders to packing and shipping, every step of delivering a package in the PDX7 warehouse in Marion County. The 1-million-square-foot fulfillment center has more than 1,000 full- and part-time employees. As for the wages, the minimum hourly rate is $15 per hour.

Despite having cutting-edge technologies and trained workers, the reviews for the warehouse aren’t great. Most drivers complained about late loading times and inconvenient work shifts. If you take a traffic-free route, you can reach the warehouse in 1.1 hours.

Final Words 

What I like about the Amazon warehouses in Oregon is the competitive pay range which is higher than in many states. 

Amazon is expanding its business in the state and planning to build or lease more warehouses to keep up with the increasing demands. As of now, the company has invested in 3 more facilities in Canby, Salem, and Central Point.

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