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Amazon Warehouse Locations in Arkansas

Amazon Warehouse Locations in Arkansas: Locations & Jobs

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As agriculture is the leading industry in Arkansas, warehousing and logistics programs of the state aren’t prevalent. This is why even big industrial giants like Amazon have only a handful of facilities in Arkansas. 

Yet, Amazon has managed to penetrate the local economy by building some massive warehouses in the most populated counties of the state. 

If you’re a local business owner or job seeker, here’s a list of Amazon warehouse locations in Arkansas. It will allow you to estimate the delivery period and find suitable jobs. So, let’s dive right in.

Image: Amazon Warehouse Locations in Arkansas on Google Maps

A List of All Amazon Warehouses Located in Arkansas

Amazon has different types of warehouses in Arkansas, ranging from fulfillment centers to distribution hubs. Most of these are located in Pulaski County which is the most populated area in Arkansas. 

Let’s take a look at the location of each warehouse. Here’s a list of abbreviations I’ve used to indicate the warehouse type:

  • FC = Fulfillment Center
  • DS = Delivery Station 
  • DC = Distribution Center
A map of arkansas with different colored states

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Image: Population Density Map of Arkansas (Source)

CodeAddressZip CodeType of WarehouseCountyContact NumberMap Link
DLR11920 N Locust St, North Little Rock, AR 72114DSPulaski
DLR212401 I-30 Frontage Rd, Alexander, AR 72002DSSaline
HLI1400 Sharkey Dr, Maumelle, AR 72113DSPulaski
LIT1MQVR+RC, Little Rock, AR 72206FCPulaski
LIT213001 US-70, North Little Rock, AR 72117FCPulaski+15019618341
WSP1315 S Lincoln St, Lowell, AR 72745DSBenton
320 AR-14, Yellville, AR 72687DCMarion

Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Warehouses in Arkansas

What happens inside these massive Amazon warehouses? How good is the pay rate and work environment? Read on to find out.

1. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Pulaski County – LIT1

Address: MQVR+RC, Little Rock, AR 72206, United States

Not only the LIT1 facility is the largest Amazon warehouse in Arkansas, but it’s also the biggest industrial achievement in the entire Pulaski County. The 3.6-million-sq-ft facility was opened in 2021 in the state capital Little Rock. 

It’s a 5-story building with more than 2,000 employees. In this advanced warehouse, robotics and automated tools are used to sort and load the packages. The warehouse is a storehouse for Amazon orders in the county where products are packed and shipped. 

With a few interstate freeways, the warehouse is strategically located only 15-20 minutes away from the city’s downtown. While the work environment is busy and stressful, most employees are satisfied with the average hourly pay rate of $17.80.

A large building with cars parked in front of it

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Image: Amazon LIT1 Warehouse Plan (Source)

2. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Pulaski County – LIT2

Address: 13001 US-70, North Little Rock, AR 72117, United States 

As you can see in the table, there are only two Amazon fulfillment centers in Arkansas, including the LIT2. Located in North Little Rock Port, the warehouse is 1.2 million square feet. The one-story building started with 500 full-time employees in 2021. 

Employees pick, pack, and ship online orders based on their zip codes. On average, a regular employee of the LIT2 fulfillment center earns $18. Reviews of the warehouse are mixed. 

Although drivers like the place for fast delivery, employees are frustrated with the unorganized management. From downtown North Little Rock, you can get to the warehouse in 11 minutes.

A sign on the side of a building

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Image: Amazon LIT2 Warehouse (Source

3. Amazon Delivery Station, Pulaski County – DLR1

Address: 1920 N Locust St, North Little Rock, AR 72114, United States 

For last-mile deliveries in central Arkansas, Amazon opened the DLR1 delivery station about a decade ago. The facility is smaller than the above-mentioned fulfillment centers and only has around 200 employees. 

However, it’s an important location for the North Little Rock city as orders are shipped to the customer’s address from this warehouse. 

Here, employees get better salaries than most Amazon facilities, averaging $18 to $19 per hour. The warehouse is only about 5 minutes away from North Little Rock downtown.

4. Amazon Delivery Station, Pulaski County – HLI1

Address: 400 Sharkey Dr, Maumelle, AR 72113, United States 

From the big fulfillment centers like LIT1 and LIT2, orders are delivered to the HLI1 delivery station. The warehouse is located on the north side of the famous Maumelle Industrial Park. 

If you take a traffic-free route, you can get to the HLI1 warehouse in 5 minutes. As it’s an AMXL delivery station, larger products over 50 pounds such as patio furniture, TVs, kayaks, etc., are stored and picked from the warehouse. 

Later on, Amazon drivers drop them at their designated destinations. While the minimum wage starts at $15 per hour, Class A drivers can make up to $25 per hour during the peak seasons.

5. Amazon Delivery Station, Banton County – WSP1

Address: 315 S Lincoln St, Lowell, AR 72745, United States

The WSP1 delivery station is the only Amazon warehouse in Banton County. To keep up with the services of other e-commerce companies like Walmart, Amazon opened this delivery station to provide same- and next-day delivery services.

Meaning, you can order fresh groceries or fashion items and get them delivered to anywhere in Lowell in 24 to 48 hours. The 98,208-square-foot facility started with 100 employees. It’s only 2 minutes away from the city downtown by car. On average, workers make around $16 per hour. 

Unfortunately, the WSP1 is one of the worst-rated warehouses in Arkansas when it comes to delivery efficiency. Many customers complained about the wrong addresses and communication issues with the drivers. 

A parking lot with cars and lights

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Image: Amazon WSP1 Warehouse (Source

6. Amazon Distribution Center, Marion County 

Address: 320 AR-14, Yellville, AR 7268, United States

In Marion County, Amazon opened the only distribution outpost in Arkansas. Located on the north side of the county, the warehouse covers only a 14,000-square-foot area. It started with 15 to 20 employees in 2021 who get a minimum wage of $15.50 per hour.

It’s not common for Amazon to build warehouses in such a rural area with a population of 1,200. Thankfully, reviews from the local drivers are great stating that they can make extra money with less effort. The warehouse is only a few minutes away from the city downtown.

A parking lot with cars and trees

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Image: Amazon Distribution Outpost (Source

Final Words

Although Amazon took a while to mark its presence in Arkansas, the company is expanding rapidly in the state. It has announced two new warehouses in Jonesboro and Hot Springs. 

Therefore, FBA sellers in Arkansas can expect faster and better delivery services in the state. For job seekers, I recommend checking local news sources for available vacancies in the top Amazon facilities.

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