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Amazon Warehouse Locations in New Mexico

Amazon warehouse locations in New Mexico: Map With Details

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Fewer expenses on marketing. That is what comes up in the mind of an FBA seller when talking about New Mexico warehouses. 

Because most of the state’s population is clustered in a small area, those small areas host many Amazon warehouse facilities. These facilities in New Mexico are centered around Albuquerque city.

This makes it a great place for marketing. The cost of transportation and other expenses is also lower for consumers. Follow along to find out about all the warehouse locations in New Mexico.

Geographical Analysis of New Mexico in Relation to Amazon Warehouses

New Mexico is the 5th largest state but it is also the 36th by population. Almost all of this is in the center of the state in and around Albuquerque City. This creates some interesting scenarios. 

Look at the population density map here- 

All of the warehouses in the land of enchantment are centered in the middle red zone, where most of the population is based.

Details of All the Amazon Warehouse Facilities in New Mexico

There are not many. But here are the details of all of them-

1. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Bernalillo County – ABQ1

Address: 12945 Ladera Dr NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120

It is the first fulfillment center in the state. This facility is a little outside the city. It is on the western side. It is a 15-minute ride from downtown Albuquerque. Follow I-40 W to Atrisco Vista Blvd/I-40W Frontage. Click our address link to have the exact directions.

The service is not bad. The return processing is a little slow. However, the customers have enough reasons to be happy.

However, their HR seems to be very slow. Specially after Covid. And the working environment might not be the best for everyone. We have claims of favoritism. So, you better be a social guy if you are looking forward to work there.

2. Amazon Distribution Center, Bernalillo County – ABQ5 

Address: 15480 Reservoir Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87121

This is a distribution working along the ABQ1 fulfillment center. Fulfillment centers don’t handle all kinds of orders. Distribution centers generally handle large orders and they also supply to fulfillment centers.

That’s why the order processing of ABQ1 and ABQ5 is so fast. This makes the duo of these two warehouses a lucrative option for New Mexico FBA sellers. You also have the same route with  I-40 W to get to the warehouse from downtown Albuquerque.

3. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Bernalillo County – WQQ5 

Address: 7300 Meridian Pl NW, Albuquerque, NM 87121

This is the best warehouse in New Mexico. It is a huge 2.5 million square feet facility. It handles all kinds of products. And it is a pretty new one opened in 2021. These features make it a highly celebrated facility not only for the consumers but also for the people of Albuquerque.

Compared to other warehouses it is very close to the city. It is on the other side of the Rio Grande river that flows in the middle of the city. From downtown, you will take a 10-minute drive via i-40. 

This proximity is the primary reason for the fast delivery and replacement processing performance.

4. Amazon fulfillment center, Valencia county – ABQ2

Address: 6251 Pioneer Trl NW, Los Lunas, NM 87031

This facility hasn’t seen much action. However, so far, so good. Unlike the previous facilities we have discussed here, this warehouse is much more outside the city. It handles mostly large orders and sends the products to last-mile delivery partners. 

To get there from the city, you take the CanAm highway. It is a straight 20-minute ride to the south of the city.

5. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Santa Fe – XAQ2

Address: 2516 Camino Entrada, Santa Fe, NM 87507

With this warehouse facility, we are out of the Albuquerque cluster of warehouses. This is the only Amazon warehouse facility outside of that region.

This serves the city of Santa Fe. and it has done a very good job. Other than the regular kinds of problems the center trades finely. It is almost in the middle of the city. It is located in the uptown of the city and you will need a 20-minute ride through the Cerrillos road. 

This sole facility makes marketing in this area very good. Your customers will also have very low transportation costs. Considering all the factors these are the locations that a FBA seller is eyeing.


New Mexico is one of those states where FBA entrepreneurs can make a good buck. It has all of its resources concentrated in a few big cities. The fulfillment service from amazon is good. A lot of third party logistical groups are also available.

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