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Amazon Warehouse Location in Utah

Amazon Warehouse Location in Utah: Everything You Need to Know

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In 2017, Amazon announced its first fulfillment center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since then, the company has built many more fulfillment centers, distribution centers, delivery stations, etc. 

As an FBA associate, knowing the routes to the different Amazon warehouses will help you choose the right facility to deliver from. Moreover, if you’re looking for a job in Utah, tracking your local Amazon facilities is a great idea as they offer competitive wages. 

Let’s get into the details of every single Amazon warehouse location in Utah and explore how to easily get there.

Listing Every Single Amazon Warehouse in Utah

As you might know, there are different types of Amazon warehouses based on what kind of work is done within the facility. 

Here, I’ll list all the different types of Amazon warehouses you can find in the cities of Utah along with their codes and directions. Before we start, let’s take a look at the Amazon warehouse types:

  • Fulfillment Center (FC): From picking the orders to packing and shipping, everything related to a successful shipment is done in an Amazon fulfillment center.
  • Sortation Center (SC): Here, the primary focus is on sorting packages based on their final destinations before they are sent to delivery stations.
  • Distribution Center (DC): These facilities receive, store, and distribute products to fulfillment centers, sortation centers, or directly to customers.
  • Delivery Station (DS): Serving as hubs for local package delivery operations, packages are sorted by route and loaded onto delivery vehicles in delivery stations.
CodeAddressZip CodeType of WarehouseCountyContact NumberMap Link
SLC1777 N 5600 W, Salt Lake City, UT84116FCSalt Lake
SLC27148 W Old Bingham Hwy, West Jordan, UT 84081FCSalt Lake+18003623921
SLC3355 John Glenn Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84116FCSalt Lake
SLC4770 Gladiola St, Salt Lake City, UT 84104FCSalt Lake
SLC9Amazon Services LLC, 808 6550 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84116FCSalt Lake
DUT12291 Commerce Center Dr suite 400, West Valley City, UT 84120DCSalt Lake+1 888-280-4331
DUT21222 S 500 E, American Fork, UT 84003DSUtah
DUT3620 Lester St, Salt Lake City, UT 84104DSSalt Lake
DUT47001 New Bingham Hwy, West Jordan, UT 84081DSSalt Lake
DUT7989 W Center St, North Salt Lake, UT 84054DCDavis
1844-1862 Pioneer Rd, Marriott-Slaterville, UT84404DCWeber
VUT1 6338 W 700 N, Salt Lake City, UT 84116FCSalt Lake
HSL1355 John Glenn Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84116FCSalt Lake

Most Notable Amazon Warehouses in Utah

Not all Amazon facilities in Utah offer good customer service, better wages, and a friendly work environment. Considering all these factors, here are the most notable warehouses in Utah:

1. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Salt Lake County – SLC1

Address: 777 N 5600 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, United States

With the opening of SLC1, Amazon marked the establishment of its very first fulfillment center in Utah. The 855,000-square-foot facility is full of automated machines and robots while also harboring 1,500 full-time workers. 

The salary range starts from $16 to $35 per hour depending on the position of the employees. While the pay range is good, I’ve seen workers complaining about the extra working hours with short breaks. 

The facility stays open 24/7, so the work hours aren’t typically flexible. However, the company offers healthcare and dental insurance coverage and up to 20 weeks of paid leave.

In SLC1, thousands of packages are picked and shipped every day. While the management is good for the most part, some pointed out issues with customer service and late delivery.

Thankfully, the warehouse is in the heart of the state and the distance from Utah downtown to SLC1 is only 8.6 miles. It will take you 12 minutes to get there by car.

2. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Salt Lake County – SLC2

Address: 7148 W Old Bingham Hwy, West Jordan, UT 84081, United States

To meet the increasing needs of customers, Amazon decided to build another fulfillment center in West Jordan that’s even larger than the previous one. The 1.3 million-square-foot facility started with 800 workers. 

While the incentive packages remain the same, the initial pay range here is $17 to $28 for different posts. In the peak season, employees have to work 6 to 10 hours six days a week. 

Yet, I haven’t seen many complaints regarding the environment. However, FBA sellers and truck drivers are disappointed with the slow unloading process and the lack of expertise of the employees.

If you want to drive to the warehouse, it will take about 31 minutes to drive and cover the 22.5-mile distance.

3. Amazon Same-Day Delivery Station, Salt Lake County – VUT1

Address: 6338 W 700 N, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, United States

Only recently Amazon has started same-day delivery service in selected areas. The only same-day delivery hub in Utah is located in Salt Lake City. A mini version of a fulfillment center, the VUT1 delivery station is only 15,000 square feet. 

The warehouse started with 250 employees whose pay range starts at $16. In the VUT1 delivery station, hundreds of packages are stored and delivered every day which takes 5 hours maximum to reach the customers. 

The product categories include beauty, health, electronics, kitchen, pet & baby supplies, and dining products.

Such same-day delivery stations are particularly beneficial for Amazon Flex drivers. They can adjust their regular work hours to pick up deliveries from the warehouse for some extra bucks. It only takes 13 minutes to reach the warehouse from Utah downtown.

4. Amazon Delivery Station, Utah County – DUT2

Address: 1222 S 500 E, American Fork, UT 84003, United States

Located between Utah’s most populated counties, the delivery station in American Fork serves to extend Amazon’s last-mile delivery capabilities. 

Only a few warehouses are located in Northern Utah, and this is the very first one serving the undeveloped side of the county. The 150,000-square-foot warehouse allows you to directly deliver your local Amazon packages on your own schedule. 

As a worker in the warehouse, you can make $27,225 to $66,000 per year. The shifts can be anywhere from 4 to 10 hours and workers have given positive reviews regarding the friendly work environment. From Utah downtown, it’s a 34-minute drive to the delivery station.

5. Amazon Marriott-Slaterville Distribution Center, Weber County

Address: 1844-1862 Pioneer Rd, Marriott-Slaterville, UT 84404, United States

For last-mile Amazon deliveries in Weber, Amazon built this 183,000-square-foot warehouse in 2022. However, due to supply chain issues, Amazon has pushed its grand opening to the end of 2024. 

According to the reports, the structure is complete, and it’s used as an equipment hub right now. While the initial plan was to harbor 500 workers in the fully functional warehouse, only a limited number of employees currently work there. 

The distribution center will be soon open for customer pick-ups, Amazon associates and visitors, Amazon Flex drivers, and delivery vehicles. You can visit the Weber warehouse by car, taking a 37-minute ride from Utah downtown.

Final Words

Although there are fewer Amazon warehouse locations in Utah compared to other states, the ratings from both Amazon associates and employees are great for most warehouses. 

Most of these warehouses are located in the center of the state, around Salt Lake and Utah County. The company is rapidly expanding its business in the state and covering Northern and Southern Utah too for last-mile deliveries. 

If you’re a job seeker, always check your local media outlets for exciting job opportunities with attractive wages and incentives.

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