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To succeed as an Amazon seller, making a substantial and constant income stream, you must know the best product categories to venture into on Amazon. Whether you are a new Amazon seller or a seasoned professional, you may find it somewhat difficult to identify the product category you need to focus on. Technically, finding the best product categories to sell on Amazon is a major part of conducting Amazon product research.

This article examines the top-selling and most profitable product categories that you can sell on Amazon. But before we delve into our list, firstly…

What makes a product profitable on Amazon?

Apart from sales volume, Amazon uses algorithms to identify bestselling products and their respective categories. After a concise and proper analysis of the way Amazon chooses its bestselling categories, Zon Hack’s experts have identified the four basic categories of products that sell well on Amazon. We advise that you consider these characteristics while choosing the product types you want to sell.

Each product category on Amazon has a sub-section, with each sub-section containing tons of products. The characteristics below will help you filter your search, navigating through the millions of products available on Amazon, and help you choose a particular product to sell.

  1. Products that fill a certain need. Solution-solving products
  2. Products that have several positive reviews.
  3. Products that generate high search volume (traffic).
  4. Products fulfilled by Amazon FBA.

Having understood what makes a product more profitable than others on Amazon, let us detailly examine the most profitable product categories you can choose to sell on Amazon.

Top 6 Best Product Categories to Sell on Amazon

1. Toys and Games

At least, once every few months, popular studios like Disney debut new movies for kids. Undoubtedly, these movies are accompanied by several must-have games, toys, and gadgets. Consequently, this causes a constant stream of new games, toys, and gadgets throughout the year, which is a goldmine on Amazon. Nonseasonal products are best to explore as an Amazon FBA seller! Apart from these movie-themed games and toys, there are also several other generic, educational, etc., games available for sale in this category.

Amazon guides sellers in this category, monitoring their buying behaviors. The marketplace does this by publishing a Holiday Toy List annually. So, customers planning for events such as holidays or birthdays, use these lists to generate insight into the best 100 games and toys for that year. Typically, customers consider buying games listed on this list than elsewhere.

You should exploit Amazon’s Holiday list. Analyzing the list will help you to identify the best games and toys that customers are searching for. Thankfully, there are always new products in this category, which means, there are several product options available for you in this category too. You should also consider analyzing the Amazon Bestselling product page, and filtering your search using “toys and games.” This list ranks products using their sales volume. Hence, it helps you to have an idea of the type of toys that are actually selling on Amazon.

Presently, toys and games with high sales volume are LOL Dolls, water toys, Jenga, Connect 4, Crayola products, etc.

2. Electronics

Technology is the new wave of things. Typically, tech is everywhere, whether in the office, home, etc. This explains the reason for the several thousands of products available in the electronics category on Amazon. To influence customers’ buying decisions, Amazon releases its Best of Prime report yearly. The Best of Prime is a list containing products with the highest sales by prime members in that particular year.

For instance, the highest-selling products in the Best of Prime released in 2017 were all electronics:

  • Echo Dot
  • Fire TV Stick & Voice Remote Control
  • Basics Cables

Besides, these products are still on Amazon’s bestsellers list with thousands of positive reviews.

3. Camera and Photo

The camera and photo category is a sub-section of the Electronics category. These products include camera and camera accessories, and photography equipment. Bestsellers in the camera and photo category are home security cameras, baby monitors, Fujifilm instant film, etc.

To succeed in this category as an Amazon seller, ensure you check the following list:

  • Focus on products with specific uses.
  • Choose products that demand refills. This ensures continuity of customer patronage.
  • Ensure your brand has maximum reach. Position your brand in the face of as many persons as possible.

4. Books

Amazon started out as one of the pioneer online booksellers. Ever since, the marketplace has grown, evolving into a digital footprint, offering various digital options such as Kindle products. The “Books” category is an excellent avenue for self-publishers to make an adequate stream of income. Some bestselling books in this category are epic adventure novels, children books, self-help books, etc. Books such as The Hobbit, Hunger Games, Divergent, etc., have several thousands of positive reviews.

To succeed in the “Books” category, you need to find and fill a need, promote your product (book), and most importantly, find and follow your audience’s interests.

5. Video Games

Without gainsaying, the Video Games Amazon category has, over the years, grown to be a highly profitable category on the marketplace. Factually, it is touted to worth over $100 billion. To ensure the continued growth of this category, Amazon itself hired developers, building an Amazon Game Studio. The Amazon game studio was launched so game designers can enjoy unrestricted access to built-in integration so gamers can Livestream on Twitch. Game streaming is metamorphosing into a major part of Amazon.

6. Clothing, Jewelry, and Clothing

Amazon has evolved into a reputable marketplace for online shopping for fashion accessories and clothing. Bestselling clothing and fashion products on Amazon include shoes, casual tops, accessories, athletic wear, underwear, and casual bottoms. To succeed in this category, ensure you have a wide variety of products in your inventory, allowing customers freedom of choice. Also, offer your products in multiple styles, colors, and sizes – this allows your customers to shop online conveniently.

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