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100% Turnkey Amazon Dropshipping Business


Start A Dropshipping Business on Amazon Without Big Budget

Let us build you business with zero upfront cost and only investment you’ll ever require is when you receive orders from your customers and when you are scaling your business to the moon. We will build you that business without any service fee! Only time we’ll get paid is when you make money and we get to share profits 50-50.

  • ➡️ 

    Zero upfront business setup fee
  • ➡️ 

    Risk free 100% Amazon TOS compliant 
  • ➡️ 

    50-50 profit share model (no surprises)

This is How We'll Build Your Business



Most of clients do not usually own a business entity and a Amazon Seller account. So we start with setting up those things along with some required documents like reseller certificate EIN etc



We source authentic products from 800+ US based highly reputed and reliable suppliers and partners . We'll use our proven method of shortisitng high ROI products for your Amazon business



We work 24/7/365 to win the maximum amount buy box percentage to ensure highest profitibility. We also update inventory count and product pricing real time using our in-house tools.



We have a winning strategy on how we can continue to grow your business by month on month basis. We continue to update the products that are offered on your store and

Let's Jump On A Call

It's perfectly normal to have questions about how this actually works. Let's jump an obligation free call and let us show you how it all works. Or email us at [email protected]

How Amazon Dropshipping Works

  • ➡️ Amazon is a widely trusted source of daily shopping for millions of people all over the world. But it’s not the cheapest place to buy things. Yet customers continue to shop from Amazon out of habit and convenience
  • ➡️ Dropshipping is a popular business model where you list an item for sale at a higher price on a platform (such as Amazon or your own website) and when you receive an order from a customer you go and buy it from a cheaper source and have it sent it to the customer without ever touching the actual product. 

  • ➡️ Because it’s pretty easy and inexpensive to start a dropshipping business it can be very competitive unless you know what you are doing

  • ➡️ You need to start with products that are popular and sells a lot. There is no point of considering products that do not have much of a demand to begin with. Let’s say a particular product sells around 2500 units per month. Since it’s very likeley that other sellers are already selling this item you need have a realistic expectation that you’ll sell around 100 units out of that 2500 units.
  • ➡️ The goal is to find multiple products like this that are not only selling a lot but also profitable for you to source it at a cheaper price from somewhere else. 

  • ➡️ Now let’s talk about profitability breakdown. Let’s say you are selling a product on Amazon for $20 and you have found that product for $12 on Walmart. So simple calculation says that your profit should be $8, right? Well there are some more expenses you need to consider. For example, amazon will deduct 15% as referal fee because you are selling your product on their platform. So for a product that is sold for $20 you’ll need to pay $3 as referal fee to Amazon. Another cost you need to consider is shipping fee to the customer’s address from the source you are buying the product. Of course in our program we find ways to get free shipping but that’s something you’ll sill need to consider. Last but not least you need to consider sales tax as well. And that varies which state your customer ordering from. With dropshipping model the general target is to achieve 25-30% ROI (return on investment) for each item sold.

  • ➡️ Maintaining good seller account health is extremely important while selling on Amazon on Dropshipping model. This is how you maintain a good account health

    >> Ship products on time
    >> Not selling items that are out of stock
    >> Responding to your customer messages within 24 hours
    >> Providing valid tracking number
    >> Avoid selling counterfeit products
    >> Avoid shipping in branded packaging (Walmart/Sams Club)
    >> Avoid selling IP restricted products
    >> Be the seller on the record (ask us how this works)

    With Zonhack’s Amazon Dropshipping Strater program we will take care of all the points mentioned above to make sure we are always doing business as per Amazon’s Term’s of Service. 

  • ➡️ To build a successful Amazon Dropshipping business you’ll need continuously do product research and find new profitable products. Because the products that are proving to be profitable now may not be profitable after some time. Besides some products might be going out of its prime demand and sales are falling. The only way of staying ahead of these challenges is to do continuous product research and keep adding new products to your store. Zonhack have you covered for this as well

Trusted Suppliers

We source our products from 800+ US based product suppliers and distributors. Beyond providing good pricing we also look for how efficient they are in product authenticity, delivery speed, customer service, return and refund management. We look for active partners who would work along with us to grow our business. 

As a result we now have built many relationships with suppliers across north America that are working 24/7/365 to help deliver products to our customers. 

Let's Jump On A Call

It's perfectly normal to have questions about how this actually works. Let's jump an obligation free call and let us show you how it all works. Or email us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s upto you. We usually get 30% ROI for every unit sold. More you invest in buying inventory more you get in return. So if you invest $5000 in a month you can expect around $1500 in return. 

No. We will be selling products from brands that are already popular on Amazon. Of course with their permission. 

If you already have a LLC you can use that. If not we can help you to setup a new one. 

Yes 100%. Keep in mind there might be special requirements to open amazon seller account from the country you live in. Email us at [email protected] to learn more about this. 

Amazon allows sellers to sell on Amazon using the dropshipping model as long as following rules are followed- 

  1. You will be seller on record
  2. No competitor branding is shown on the product packaging 


So yeah, Amazon do allow sellers to sell products using the dropshipping method. 

As soon as you have an approved Amazon seller account and as soon as you have signed up with our program. 

We enter into a profit share model agreement with you where we only make money when you make money. There is no hidden fee. There are no surprises, ever.

Yes, if you have seller account in those marketplaces we can start a business there as well but keep in mind that Amazon US is the biggest market till date. So you’ll have lot more opportunity there as opposed to other markets. 

It is preferable to have following documents ready but in your particular case you may not need them all. You do not need to physically be in USA to get any of these documents. Email us for more info.  

LLC Registration
EIN Number 
Resale Certificate 
Credit Card (for Amazon seller account)
Bank Account (to receive Amazon payouts )
Business Address 
Mobile Number

If you are a US citizen it’s fairly easy to get loan from banks if you can show them that your business in going well and it’s growing. But for non US citizens there are still financing options where you can get loan if you can show them a good business growth. We can help you to make those financing options available to you when you are planning to scale up your business. 

If you are trying to outsmart Amazon; sooner or later you’ll get caught. That would result in getting your account suspended and even have your money frozen. That is why here in Zonhack we only do dropshipping in a 100% Amazon TOS compliant manner.

But in any case if you face any kind of warning or notification from Amazon we have highly experienced lawyer partners who can help you to get your account back up and running. In all fairness our lawyers can only help you if you have conduced your business without breaking Amazon’s terms. Which we make sure 100% of the time. 

Order & Revenue Tracking

We believe in 100% transparency. That means you as a client will get to see how much profit or loss every single order is making in your Amazon seller account. We maintain a shared google sheet where we have a complete breakdown of profitability and order tracking. Here is an example of our order and revenue tracking sheet. 

Let's Jump On A Call

It's perfectly normal to have questions about how this actually works. Let's jump an obligation free call and let us show you how it all works. Or email us at [email protected]

Why Partner With Us?

  • Years of Experience: Our team of have been managing amazon seller accounts since 2012 and we have witnessed the current dominance of Amazon’s business firsthand.
  • Our current clients can vouch for us: Would you like to talk with some of our happy clients? No problem? We can share their contact with you and you can ask them questions
  • Continuous Research: We have a dedicated team of R&D specialists that are continuously looking for new market opportunities to take your business to the next level.