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Although private label products are often touted to be a “hot” niche on Amazon, you must understand that not all private label products are profitable to sell in the marketplace. While these goods can scale your brand on Amazon, they may also perform exceedingly below par without the required Amazon expertise, proper resources, and a comprehensive, solution-oriented strategy.

Private label products are goods produced by a third party but sold in your (brand) name. This article explores and analyzes the most effective ways of finding the best products for your Amazon FBA private label brand.

How to Find and Sell Private Label Products on Amazon

Finding the best private label products to sell on Amazon is relatively easier than people think, especially if you have the needed tools, expertise, and information at your disposal. Below, ZonHack’s experts have outlined the basic steps to successfully finding and selling private label products on Amazon.

1. Brainstorm Product Ideas

You can source ideas from anywhere, depending on your kind of person. While some persons find inspiration for product ideas at free will, some need to be very intentional about their thoughts. Regardless of who you are, you must ensure you source product ideas before you delve into the Amazon private label venture.

Some persons can get amazing ideas for private label products when shopping. Other places to find killer product idea inspiration includes Amazon itself, on the internet, social media, etc.

2. Consider the attributes of products

Ensure you consider the qualities of private label products before you choose to sell them on Amazon. Basically, as a beginner, Zon Hack recommends that you choose private-label products with the following attributes:

  • Products that are small and light-weighted
  • Non-seasonal products
  • Unregulated products
  • Uncomplicated products. Such products include electronics, clothing products, etc.

3. Do market research

Once you find products that catch your fancy to sell as private label products on Amazon, you still need to conduct adequate market research to ascertain the worthiness of selling such products.  Thankfully, there are several Amazon research tools that you can use to conduct effective market research.

Tools like Zon Hack Research Tool offers data-driven and brand-centric insights for users. However, do not base your market research on Amazon research tools only. Regardless of how effective a research tool may be, ensure you manually analyze the Amazon market, too, considering the “bestselling” section, “new arrivals” section, etc. Zon Hack has outlined the best ways to conduct effective Amazon market research HERE.

4. Research Product Manufacturers and Suppliers

Now, that you have the “best” private label product idea, you have confirmed whether such a product is worthy to sell or not by conducting detailed market research, what you need to do next is to research the manufacturers and suppliers of such a product.

Many Amazon sellers use Alibaba for this purpose. Below are the basic ways to find potential private product suppliers on Alibaba:

  • Create a buyer account on
  • Search the product on Alibaba’s official website using the search feature.
  • Find product listings similar to the private label product you have chosen to sell.
  • Message the product manufacturer or supplier for more information about the product.
  • Message up to 4-5 suppliers or manufacturers.

Product information needed from such suppliers or manufacturers include:

  • Price per unit of the product.
  • Does the supplier accept sample shipping?
  • What payment methods and terms does the supplier accept?
  • How to customer the product? Etc.

5. Choose your logo and finalize your packaging design

Private label products are products that you sell as yours whereas you aren’t the manufacturer or supplier. Hence, you are permitted, as an Amazon seller, to put your logo on both the product and its packaging.

Zon Hack experts advise that you should hire inexpensive, professional logo designers and product packagers to handle this. You can explore major freelance websites for people to hire. If you are proficient in designing, too, you can handle the process yourself.

Albeit, ensure your product packaging and your brand logo are as unique as possible, and comprehensively tell your brand story. Basically, creative and innovative packaging is a major contributing factor to your customers’ experiences.

6. Have a fulfillment strategy

After knowing the private label product to sell and how to manufacture such a product, another significant step is developing a sales strategy, how to ensure your products get to your customers.

You can fulfill your orders in several ways, including fulfilling from your warehouse or garage, some people use third-party fulfillment centers to ship their products, and so on. Albeit, the most reliable fulfillment strategy is using Amazon’s fulfillment service, FBA. Introduced in 2008, the FBA is Amazon’s means of helping you handle your products and customer service.

Other excellent ways to find the best products for your Amazon FBA private label brand include:

Final Thoughts

After identifying a private label product that has great and concise brand-building potentials and opportunities, you can thereafter further conceptualize your brand vision and mission, logo design, and product packaging, alongside other essential assets. Taking your time to find the best product for your Amazon FBA private label brand helps in making you start out as an Amazon FBA seller on the right foot.

Most sellers realize the help they have given themselves only after they manufacture and launch the private-label products they’ve chosen on Amazon. Bottom of Form While most persons, especially beginner sellers usually confuse the product research process to be quite complicated and challenging, you must understand that what you need is the right information to put you on the right track. The tips for finding the best products for your Amazon FBA private label brand outlined and examined by the experts at Zon Hack will help you a great deal in making more sales and revenue, and ultimately scaling your Amazon business.

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