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Undoubtedly, Kickstarter is a household name amongst most Amazon sellers. However, only a few of these sellers know how much of a goldmine Kickstarter is for discovering inspiration for modern private-label product thoughts. Where can one find a similar platform categorized and as broad as Pinterest and can offer sub-niches like the popular Etsy? This article comprehensively examines the best ways to use Kickstarter to find private-label product ideas. 

Kickstarter offers its users a hybrid private label product internet search experience leaving the users with the options of either being inspired by the products they find or establishing a partnership with the creators. Undoubtedly, Kickstarter is very useful in the entrepreneurial world. 

In the last two paragraphs, we mentioned two avenues of generating private label ideas- Pinterest and Etsy. These two avenues are image-heavy and designed to gain the attention of users conveniently through a curating process of similar commodities. Pinterest appeals only to the customer’s interests, and it’s not encompassing. It’s not a direct trading platform for products. 

Etsy, on the other hand, is much more encompassing and specialized when compared to Pinterest. It exposes customers to what they need and also displays suggestions. Etsy is a direct shopping website. Kickstarter, just like Etsy, is also encompassing but not patronized because most potential customer services are yet to discover its caché of well-organized private-label product ides. 

The Kickstarter Difference  

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform; this means this project requires public donations to progress to fruition. Kickstarter’s focus is on original, highly patronized commodities, most of which are products developed by individuals or groups. Finding low-key ideas could be challenging at times. However, you could make use of Kickstarter to make the search much more straightforward. 

Kickstarter differs from other platforms like Etsy and Pinterest because, unlike these other platforms, it’s not geared towards shopping for products. Kickstarter’s primary function is to serve as a medium through which entrepreneurs can launch their products through goals and approved deadlines. 

Kickstarter can push all kinds of products; their services include making promotional videos to explain how to properly handle products and fill you in on the full specifications of the product you’re looking to buy. When your product gets on Kickstarter, there will be a high possibility of it being a hot-selling product. 

How Does Kickstarter Work? 

Product creators most times have their pages where potential customers can check the product specifications and other details. These creators call this their product page. On a product page, you’ll also find statistics on the product’s sales so far, the sales target, and more. If a product becomes featured on a product page, you can easily find it on Kickstarter’s homepage. However, if it isn’t featured, you will have to try out these three ways to locate the product. 


Where you get to browse through different projects- broad genres, what’s in vogue, or more specific categories. 


If you’ve some idea of the product you’re after, you can just type it in the search bar and proceed to search. 


Categories give you a list of products to go through. As long as you have an idea of the product you’re looking for, exploring categories won’t be a problem and will make things a lot easier. 

Looking for Private Label Product Ideas? 

You can make use of any of the options listed above to search for several product ideas. You can also sift through what has already been established or what looks promising to spark ideas. Take, for example, a hot-selling product. Recreating this kind of product might spark trademark piracy issues, and aside from that, it still wouldn’t be the original product. 

Nevertheless, you could imitate the product’s idea and use it to create an entirely different product that could build upon the principle of the fast-selling product. You could also decide to partner with the product, like creating an accessory for the product. Most products that Kickstarter accepts are cosmopolitan, and this is why you’ve to be on the lookout for sophisticated products when looking to imitate ideas. 

You should also know that Kickstarter has strict compliance rules, and it only accommodates projects that have no problem being exposed to crowdfunding, products that are plausible and profitable. You should consider these factors in your search. 

Gauging Interest in Products That Are Yet to Launch  

With Kickstarter, entrepreneurs can easily gauge interest in a product idea. You can monitor how well a project is doing in accomplishing its aim. The momentum of a profitable project can be instrumental when creating your product idea. If a project is yet to launch, you can still monitor the preparatory process as it can also help weigh your project ideas. However, if the Kickstarter project has already launched, you can monitor its activities up to its final stats. 

Using Kickstarter for Your Private Label Product Launch  

You can take your private label product to Kickstarter for launching once you get the traction it needs for its production. After launching it using Kickstarter’s platform, you can then export it to an Amazon market

Kickstarter is one of the best ways to give products good headstarts in the funds’ generation. Your product doesn’t have to be patented. It could be a simple offshoot of a booming product guy saw online. As long as you’re able to create a perfect prototype and even sell a few samples, you’re capable of starting a campaign on Kickstarter. Once Kickstarter approves your product, fund its mass production and prepare for launch on Amazon. 

Like other platforms, Kickstarter steadily reminds entrepreneurs of its policies and the penalties for copyrighted content. Kickstarter’s project involves investment in an idea that belongs to another entrepreneur whose product is booming. 

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