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How To Improve Your Amazon Best Sellers Rank & Sales

How To Improve Your Amazon Best Sellers Rank & Sales

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Hundreds of millions of products are listed in more than 30 categories in the Amazon US marketplace. While those figures might sound incredible, what is even more incredible is that the great majority of products on Amazon that have sold one or more are given a unique ranking known as the Best Sellers Rank (BSR).

In this post, we will discover the fundamentals of Amazon BSR and tips to improve your Amazon BSR and sales in 2024.

Quick List

  • What Is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?
  • How To Find Best Seller Rank On Amazon
  • How Is Amazon Best Sellers Rank Calculated?
  • What Is The Difference Between BSR And Search Ranking?
  • Tips To Improve Your Amazon BSR
  • Conclusion

What Is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Almost every product in Amazon’s multi-million product catalog is assigned a number known as a Best Sellers Rank (BSR) after at least one sale of the item. Because of this, the BSR provides useful information about how well a product is presently selling on Amazon. The lower the  BSR of the product, the better its sales. For example, a product ranked #1 sells a lot more than a product ranked #200,000.

The BSR, however, is only applicable to how well a product sells inside a specific category. In other words, products do not have a total BSR, comparing their sales to every other product on Amazon

How To Find Best Seller Rank On Amazon

Finding your Amazon BSR is a really simple process if you are wondering how to do so. You can check your current rating in a few different ways.

Product details

You can view a product detail page and scroll down to the Product Information section, where you will see the BSR of the product. However, BSR is not always available on all product detail pages. Look at an item’s ranking in one or more categories by checking the information box to the right.

Seller Central

You can find your Amazon BSR through Seller Central. After logging in, click on “Reports” and then select “Business Reports.” From there, select “Inventory in Stock,” and you can view your ranking under “Brand Performance.”

How Is Amazon Best Sellers Rank Calculated?

Amazon calculates BSR using data about sales volume over time. Recent sales and all-time sales factor into BSR, with recent sales counting more than older sales.

Note that BSR ranking is not influenced by page view data or customer reviews. So, sales rank does not necessarily indicate quality—or tell you what customers think of the products they purchase.

A product can have more than one BSR number if it falls under more than one category, and the BSR can be different for each. For example, a kitchen scale might rank #14 in Kitchen & Dining, and rank #2 in the Digital Kitchen Scales subcategory. The same item might only rank #2056 (or not rank at all) in the Health & Household category.

The ranking information can also vary depending on the Amazon store. For example, an item ranked at #1 in the U.S. might rank #23 in Amazon UK or Canada stores.

What Is The Difference Between BSR And Search Ranking?

 A lot of new sellers often get confused about the distinction between search ranking and BSR on Amazon. BSR and search ranking are two separate measures that are used on Amazon to assess the visibility and performance of a product, and they have different uses.

BSRSearch Ranking
BSR indicates how a product ranks within the product category. If the BSR is high enough, the product will appear in the Best Sellers list.When you type a phrase into Amazon search, the results you see appear based on its search ranking.
Can be improved by pricing, marketing, and customer service strategies within the product’s category.You can improve the search ranking by using SEO practices to optimize product listings so they will rank higher in search results.
Calculated hourly and based on sales success within a certain category.Determined by a number of variables, including listing optimization, reviews, and keyword relevancy.
Represents the popularity of a product within a category and has no direct connection to where it shows up in search results.The visibility of a product is directly impacted by its position in search results.
Shows sales and popularity within a category, but it might not have a direct impact on a buyer’s choice in search results.Influence on how relevant and reliable a product seems to a customer in search results.

Tips To Improve Your Amazon BSR

Because BSR is directly tied to sales volume, improve sales to improve BSR scores. Here are some top tactics:

1. Select product categories with care

Because Amazon sales rank scores rise and fall relative to other items in the same product category, it is very important to choose the product category carefully when you list a product.

Familiarize yourself with your options for categories and subcategories by exploring the Best Sellers list. Then choose the most relevant and accurate category based on the products you want to sell. If you offer variations of a product, be sure to assign the parent ASIN and all child ASINs within the same category. 

2. Optimize listings to rank in search

Help increase visibility for products in organic search by optimizing product titles, product photos, product descriptions, bulleted lists of key features and benefits, and more.

3. Set competitive prices

Perform some pricing research and experiment with price points to figure out what amounts might result in greater sales, or use the Automate Pricing tool to adjust prices automatically in response to trends.

4. Leverage advertising and marketing strategies

You can increase sales with e-commerce marketing methods through social media, blogging, affiliate marketing, and more. Try out cost-per-click (CPC) ads, subscription boxes, bundles, and other tactics for getting more e-commerce orders. You can also take advantage of advertising options exclusively available to Amazon sellers.

5. Focus on customer engagement

Build strong relationships with customers by providing a great shopping experience from beginning to end. Answer customer questions, follow up after purchases, and use other best practices for selling online to get great reviews and encourage buyers to return.


For sellers and customers to succeed, Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) is essential. Sellers can track their inventory, optimize their tactics, and increase their visibility with BSR, which will boost sales and brand awareness in the long run.

Being aware of BSR and modifying strategies appropriately are crucial for both sellers and buyers looking to grow and get the best items. To achieve success in this fast-paced, highly competitive marketplace, it is critical to comprehend and utilize the potential of Amazon BSR.

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