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It’s one thing to be an online business person; it’s another thing to become a successful Amazon seller. Being an Amazon seller is more than creating a seller account; you have to know what to sell and how to attract customers’ trust and attention. 

This could be somewhat challenging and difficult for new Amazon sellers. However, there is no reason for worry. The Amazon product research experts at Zonhack have exploratively and comprehensively examined discussed the step-by-step tips on everything you need to succeed as an Amazon seller. 

Top 7 Tips on How to Become A Successful Amazon Seller 

1. Create an Amazon Seller Account 

Here is the first and most important step you should take to become a successful Amazon seller. Visit Amazon seller’s website, click on the sign-up link and provide all the required documents and details. Follow all subsequent registration processes until you successfully create your seller account. 

2. Decide What to Sell 

Having created your Amazon seller account, you should decide what to sell. Many new Amazon sellers often get it wrong because they believed it is just to select one out of the available 70 Amazon categories. 

Though you only need to develop a product to sell to customers, you need to take your time and do productive research to know what the public loves buying from e-commerce or online retailers. 

You should conduct intense Amazon product research like an expert to uncover all the facts about the possible products you have in mind. You might be thinking, how can you do Amazon product research like a pro when you are just entering the industry?

Below are a few of the best ways to conduct Amazon product research like an expert:

Top Ways to Do Amazon Product Research Like A Pro 

  • Use Amazon to find your target audience 

Knowing that the success of your online trading business largely depends on Amazon customers, it’s natural you use Amazon as a way of researching your target market. 

Research the average number of customers visiting the targeted category or niche; read their feedback, what is lacking and how you can provide solutions to customer’s plight. 

You should read customer’s reviews on Amazon to discover all the above factors. With this info, you can decide if you have all it takes to provide products that every customer would want to buy due to their satisfactory high quality.

In the same vein, endeavor to know Amazon’s top 10 sellers in the category you intend to join. This will give you a perfect clue on the competition awaiting your arrival. 

  • Browse the List to Identify the Latest Trends and Influencers

Another way to make a very professional Amazon product research is by exploring all the available lists for relevant information. Amazon has over 70 categories or niches— including books, groceries, fashion, etc. — you can choose from, meaning you have got a lot of research to do. 

This isn’t to scare you; you can make the work simple and easy by identifying at most ten possible categories you intend to join. Having done that, channel all your energies on the chosen categories and go deeper into your findings. 

For instance, in the book category, select a subcategory such as a Children’s book. Then under the children’s book, there are other lists, including animals and more.  For instance, when you select animals, a list of 100 top-selling books will appear. 

All of this is said to let you know that you shouldn’t limit your findings to the category alone. Find out the best-selling products and why customers couldn’t help but purchase them. 

Check the “Hot New Releases,” “Top-Rated,” and “Most Wished For” sections to know what’s trending, top-selling items, and potential competitors. 

The “Gift Ideas” section is also available to help you predict other products people love to get from Amazon. 

  • Study Visuals Advantages 

Images and other visuals equally play a role in boosting your chances of being a successful Amazon seller. While finding the best product to sell, you should take note of the images used in the ‘bestsellers’ section. 

Study the image quality, image type and try everything possible to produce the same image quality once you eventually settle for what to sell. Do not overlook the importance of visuals in your quest for success because they can make or mar your sales rate. 

  • Explore SEO And High-Converting Ad

You should explore SEO and high-converting ads while doing your Amazon product research. SEO, Search Engine Optimization helps you rank your product high on google and other search engines. 

So, endeavor to study the SEO strategy used by top sellers. Take a cursory look at the titles, descriptions, and subtitles. Locate the keyword and discover the style, tone, and voice used by experts in your intending niche. 

  • Utilize Effective Software such as Zon Hack and Google Trends 

Searching for information from 70 categories and over 300 subcategories can be tiring and overwhelming. Luckily, we are in an advanced age where lots of activities are done through apps and software. 

You are advised to explore the modern-day trend to your advantage by downloading effective software to your computer or smartphone and carry out your findings. Many software and tools, both paid and free, can help you do perfect product research on Amazon, such as Google Trends and Zon Hack.

Known for its beginner-friendly and user-friendly interface, Google Trends, you will get daily updates on topics and products trending on Amazon. It will provide timely notification on any product, topic, story, or category you wish to know more about. 

With the notifications and updates provided by the software, you would surely know what’s happening in your targeted market niche before deciding whether to proceed with your plans or not. 

Zon Hack is a product research tool that simplifies the Amazon product research process. It’s safe to say it is one of the best Amazon product research apps due to its impressive features. 

With Zon Hack, even inexperienced Amazon sellers can easily uncover all that’s happening in their desired Amazon category. You would also know what your potential/future competitors are up to because it will help you track all they are doing. 

Other tools you can use to conduct an Amazon product research like a pro include Keyword Inspector, Jungle Scout, MerchantWords, AMZ Tracker, and more. 

  • Make Use of Business Intelligence Websites 

Having discussed software, another way to do an Amazon product research like a pro includes exploring intelligence business websites such as Zon Hack. Zon Hack helps you remain on top of your game as far as Amazon research is concerned. They are one of the few sites with accurate data on every Amazon category and subcategory. 

You can trust their daily research reports on product performance, consumers’ behavior, and day-to-day business transactions. You can equally book a date with any of their experience experts for any Amazon-related questions and advice.

Marketplace Pulse is another business intelligence website to explore if you wish to get a quality result from your research. With Marketplace, you can explore buyers’ data such as reviews, purchased products, and product ratings. 

It also provides you the opportunity to know what is going on in other e-commerce marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. Get full and updated info on Amazon trends, which would help you decide which product to sell. 

  • Consult the Movers and Shakers List

The last way to do Amazon research like a pro is by checking the ‘movers and shakers list.’ Just as the name implies, the Movers and shakers list includes products with the highest number of sales or consumers. 

The list is updated every 24 hours; hence you can’t be sure it reflects Amazon’s current trading trends. Another reason you should check the movers and shakers list is that it helps you track how sellers are faring daily. 

Having discussed the seven ways to do Amazon research like a pro, let’s continue with how you can become a successful Amazon seller. 

3. Have Trustworthy Suppliers

Having trustworthy suppliers is as important as choosing the right product. Your suppliers saddle the responsibility of ensuring you don’t run out of stock because they will deliver your items as soon as you order for them. 

This is why you must settle for nothing but the best. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t settle for one supplier to avoid disappointment. It is equally mandatory you have both foreign and local suppliers, depending on your financial capacity. 

Here is a quick rundown of things to consider before choosing your Amazon product suppliers include:

  • Types of Suppliers: There are four types of Amazon suppliers; they include Liquidators, Drop-ship, Manufacturers, and Wholesalers. 
  • Cost of Delivery: As a new Amazon seller, you should choose affordable suppliers. You might add more and expensive suppliers later in the long run. 
  • Shipment Method 
  • Delivery time 
  • Packaging
  • Customer’s reviews about their Services 

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4. You Must Be A Good Marketer

In case you must hear this, a new and inexperienced Amazon needs to be a good marketer to succeed. There are millions of established online competitors; therefore, you need to up your marketing strategy.

You must deploy an effective strategy that drives customers to your Amazon landing page. To achieve this, you must explore your social media platforms to the best of your ability.

Twitter is known for its ability to convert your followers to leads and potential customers. Make sure you post contests about your products and make them see why they should patronize you. With billions of Facebook users globally, your Facebook account remains a great avenue to advertise your products. You could create a group and page where you update info about your products daily. 

Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp Business, and online forums are readily available to grow your business if properly utilized. Create a blog strictly to convert traffic or visitors into leads and long-term customers. Engage in email marketing and let people know what your business is all about.

5. Have A Friendly and Well-Optimized Amazon Landing Page? 

A landing page is also known as a homepage. It’s the first page customers will see whenever they click on your product on search engines. However, you need a well-optimized Amazon landing page if you desire to drive more traffic to your product. 

This is because your products won’t appear on search engine result pages (SERP) if your Amazon pages aren’t optimized enough, which will lead to a small customer base. 

Apart from being optimized, your landing page should be well arranged and attractive. Ensure your items are appealing to the eyes. Utilize quality images and a mobile-friendly interface, as mentioned earlier. 

6. Know Your Competitors and Learn from Them

You would know your competitors if you explore all the research methods discussed above, but what next after knowing them? Though they are your competitors, you can secretly learn from their marketing approach. Explore and exploit a few of their marketing and research strategies. 

Look at their pricing policies, compare them to your own and make the needed alterations. You can also visit their page and examine their buyers’ feedback to identify their weaknesses and strengths while developing means to ensure your product solves the pain points of such buyers. 

7. Learn to Maximize Profits

Here is the final tip on our list of the best ways to become a successful Amazon seller. The essence of having an Amazon seller’s account is to sell and make a profit. 

You might need to invest in more than one product to maximize your profits because diversification of sales tends to improve the customer base. It’s okay if you can’t invest in multiple products as a newbie Amazon seller. 

Take advantage of the spike in demand during the festive period and develop a win-win promo that will increase your profits.

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