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Amazon warehouse locations in Mississippi

Amazon warehouse locations in Mississippi: A Guide for Sellers

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Mississippi is a very interesting state when it comes to Amazon warehouses. The warehouses here are big and versatile, and they have unique features that you only get to see in old Amazon warehouses.

It is great for FBA sellers because of the extended warehouse coverage. However, we could not say the same for the workers working there. Although the deliveries are fast, the work relief for the employees is not.

But there is more to it than just these. Keep reading for all the details.

List of All the Amazon Warehouses in Mississippi

This list contains map links along with details. Just one click away from the direction of the warehouse.

CodeAddressCodeType of warehouseCountyMap Link
Jan11978 MS-22, Canton, MS39046FCMadisonMap
MEM3/PIL11615 Commerce Pkwy, Horn Lake, MS38637FCDesotoMap
MEM2191 Norfolk Southern Way, Byhalia, MS38611FCMarshallMap
MEM611505 Progress Wy, Olive Branch, MS38654SCDesotoMap
MEM8/HME3/HME9 XLFC/XLDS/XLSC850 Gateway Global Dr, Byhalia, MS38611FCMarshallMap
1000 W 63rd St, Hattiesburg, MS39401DCForrestMap

Details of All the Amazon Warehouses in Mississippi

Here are the six Amazon warehouses in Mississippi. However, they serve more than just this state. Four of the six are at the top right corners of the state, bordering Arkansas and Tennessee. There is a lot going on here.

1. Canton Amazon Fulfillment Center, Madison County – JAN1

Address: 1978 MS-22, Canton, MS 39046, United States

We are starting with the JAN1 because it is right in the center of the state. And this is the only fully-fledged fulfillment center that is hundred percent dedicated to Mississippi.

It was established after the COVID period rush of Amazon sales in Mississippi in 2021. The Canton fulfillment center is the largest and creates a thousand jobs in the area. This is the first and the only robot-assisted warehouse in Mississippi.

The best thing about getting a job here is that it has a pretty good record of giving out bonuses for performance. The competition is high, but at least it is willing to pay for greater performance.

It is a 20-minute ride from the center of Canton city. Take Peace street and drive westward.

If you want to sell in a warehouse focused on Mississippi state, then this is your warehouse with location. There is nothing better than this if you are not dealing with high-quantity items. For that, the next warehouse is the best.

2. Amazon Distribution Center, Forrest County

Address: 1000 W 63rd St, Hattiesburg, MS 39401, United States

It is located in the southern city of Hattiesburg. Although it is in the southern region, there is no activity with the ocean. All the products come here through the roads.

As a distribution center, it largely handles the larger shipments. It also handles the smaller shipments, but those are sorted and shipped to other fulfilment facilities. The ones that are near the facility are shipped directly, mostly with third-party delivery partners.

In Hattiesburg, you can expect an hourly wage of $21, which equates to a $45,000 yearly salary. The working conditions are also favorable. However, there have been some typical Amazon working conditions complaints.

The warehouse is located in the center of the city, a 5-minute drive from the downtown farmers market. Take W Pine St to get there in the Quest Way.

If you are thinking about delivering products to the southern region, this place is the best way to start. However, there are no fulfillment options here. Canton Amazon fulfillment center in Madison County is your safest bet.

3. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Desoto County – MEM3/PIL1

Address: 1615 Commerce Pkwy, Horn Lake, MS 38637, United States

It is among the four largest fulfillment centers in the northernmost cluster of the state. Most of the sources don’t show you this fact, but this facility has two codes. That means the facility houses two warehouses. The PIL1 is a fulfillment center, and the MEM3 is a sortation center.

The sortation center sorts the products and delivers them to the fulfillment facility or to the consumer directly. On the other hand, the fulfillment center sorts, packages, and delivers. It should also be mentioned that the sortation center works for the other two states, Arkansas and Tennessee.

From outside the city, you should take the US-51 to get to the facility and the same 51st state from Horn Lake City.

The warehouse pays just above the minimum wage $18. That is not much. However, customer satisfaction from these warehouses is great, and the employees have no fewer complaints.

4. Amazon Fulfillment and Sortation Center, Desoto County – MEM6

Address: 11505 Progress Wy, Olive Branch, MS 38654, United States

There are only two warehouse facilities in the cities and near Memphis, Tennesse.  The MEM6 is the second one.

This one is famous for its strict rules. You are good here if you can use your brain less and follow the rules more. And you should also know that the working hours are greater and the stress is high. They pay well compared to other warehouses. And there is no discriminatory behavior. You will get what you deserve. Just follow the rules.

To get here, you need to find Mississippi Highway 302. If you are coming from a faraway place, Highway 78 is your best bet.

It delivers to all the surrounding cities and even to other states. So, getting your products here would be great for many reasons.

5. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Marshall County – MEM2

Address:  191 Norfolk Southern Way, Byhalia, MS 38611, United States

This fulfillment center has some very unique characteristics. Although it is situated in Mississippi, most of its operations are in the state of Tennessee. It is right on the border. On the other side of the state border are the cities of Collierville, Piperton, and Rossville.

However, you must not forget that there are important cities nearby, like Byhailia and Hollysprings. However, the population on the other side is much greater.

Many third-party warehouses support this facility. You can get there by Highway 72, which is from Tennessee.

The customer reviews are good. But the pay here is barely the minimum—just above $15 hourly. This might be the norm for Amazon warehouse workers, but it is surely not what is expected in the state, and certainly not from a fulfillment center.

6. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Marshall County – MEM8/HME3/HME9/XLFC/XLDS/XLSC

Address: 850 Gateway Global Dr, Byhalia, MS 38611, United States

You can call this a multi-role fulfillment center. Because it is a fulfillment center, a sortation center, and a distribution center all in one building. It is also a cross-docking facility. In the old days, Amazon used to do their job like this.

This fulfillment center serves two or three states and many other fulfillment centers. It handles all kinds of products and deliveries, including last-mile deliveries. For these, it uses third-party service providers.

The deliveries are fast here, so if you were looking for warehouses to deliver your products, this is one of the best options.

There are many jobs available here. The average pay is not that great, and working conditions are not the worst. Highway 72 is the road to get here from any major city.

Upcoming Warehouses in Mississippi

After the rush of orders during the Covid period, Amazon buffed up its warehouse profile to have more control over its logistics. In accordance with that plan, Amazon has announced multiple warehouses and fulfillment centers in Mississippi.

The latest is a last-mile delivery center in Jackson. There are some other major cities and population centers in the area. The warehouse’s code will be WSM1, and it will support the JAN1 fulfillment center.

Amazon also has plans to open another fulfillment center in Canton. However, that is delayed for the time being.

Plans also include data centers and solar panel fields. These are big investments that will help the state’s economy.

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