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Amazon Warehouse Locations Across Alabama

Amazon’s Network: Warehouse Locations Across Alabama

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Alabama falls in the middle of the population ranking. And the economic performance is 33rd.

However, the Dixie state has a unique condition when it comes to Amazon warehouses. There are three fulfillment centers and a distribution center in Alabama. More interestingly, there is a fulfillment center and a cross docking facility being built right now.

There are numerous lockers, hubs, and other storage facilities. We are only going to go over the largest of them and the ones that are useful for FBA traders and people looking for a job. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you.

Amazon Warehouse Locations: Details and Descriptions in a Table

CodeAddressZip codeType of warehouseCountyMap Link
BHM1975 Powder Plant Rd, Bessemer, AL35022FCJeffersonMap
MOB56735 Trippel Rd, Theodore, AL36582DSMobileMap
HSV228869 Fanning Dr NW, Madison, AL35756FCLimestoneMap
HSV17817 Greenbrier Rd, Madison, AL35756FCLimestoneMap

Exploring Amazon’s Warehouse Network Across Alabama

We are primarily going to talk about four of the most populous warehouses here. There will be other warehouses in the details that did not get their own section. Regional warehouses are clumped together, leaving just a pair of fulfillment centers in the north of the state.

1. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Jefferson County – BHM1

Address: 975 Powder Plant Rd, Bessemer, AL 35022, United States

Amazon storage facilities are littered in Birmingham City and surrounding areas. However, there is only one fulfillment center.

The BHM1 is the only fulfillment center in the center region of Alabama. It serves all of the Amazon lockers and hubs.

It has a pretty average rating when it comes to customer experience. You might have delays, but that is not often the case. However, the working conditions are like how you have the Amazon phenomenon, not so good. You will rarely find any complaints, but forums on the topic will tell you otherwise.

The facility is beside the interstate 20. From downtown Birmingham, you can take the 2nd Ave N and 18th St N to get to the interstate highway. It will be a good one-and-a-half-hour journey through the middle of the city. And the traffic is not that good most of the days.

There is another Amazon facility nearby. You will not have a lot of information about it anywhere, but it is likely at a distribution center. Read about it in the new Amazon warehouse section below.

2. Amazon Distribution Center, Mobile County – MOB5

Address: 6735 Trippel Rd, Theodore, AL 36582, United States

Mobile County is the most south-eastern county and has the only seaport with the Atlantic Ocean. Mobile City is one of the most important places in Alabama.

The distribution center here allows large quantities of supplies to be handled. However, although it is near the airport and the smaller seaport area, it is not that crowded. And it also has a minimum connection with the nearest state, Mississippi.

Nevertheless, the working conditions for the new hires are very good here. The pay is also comfortable, and there are no significant complaints. Compared to other distribution centers and large storage facilities, this one does not have a large crowd to handle. So, it generally has a very good track record with deliveries.

From Mobile City take the I-10 south for 15 minutes to reach the warehouse. It is far outside the city.

3. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Limestone County – HSV1

Address: 7817 Greenbrier Rd, Madison, AL 35756, United States

This is one of the two crowns of the state of Alabama. Together with the HSV2, these two fulfillment centers serve most of the population centers of the state and also cities of the bordering states.

To get to these warehouses, you need to get on the 13700 highway and turn north on Greenbrier Parkway.

Most of the time, consumer reviews from warehouses as strong and influential as this will not matter much. However, this does not have that good of a review. However, contrary to most of the bigger Amazon warehouse facilities, the employees are happier.

4. Amazon Fulfillment Center, Limestone County – HSV2

Address: 28869 Fanning Dr NW, Madison, AL 35756, United States

This is the pair of the HSV1. Two of these handle most of the cargo coming and getting out of northern Alabama. And you won’t see a concentration of warehouses this big. But the population center also matters. You have the biggest population patches near those areas.

That’s why most FBA traders want to get their hands on these sites.

It is right beside the 13700 highway. But you won’t have to take the Greenbrier Parkway. It is much closer. So it would be faster to get in. Check the middle doors with security for deliveries and use Greenbrier to coordinate with the gate officer.

Unlike its partner, the warehouse has very good reviews from both the employees and consumers. There are instances of delayed deliveries and other problems. But that is just normal for

Expanding Amazon: New Warehouse Coming to Alabama

Alabama is an important city. That’s why Amazon is expanding fiercely in the state. There are two announced fulfillment centers. Here are the details-

Cross Docking Facility in Montgomery City

In November 2021, Montgomery Chamber of Commerce announced Amazon’s plant to construct a 650,000 square foot cross docking facility.

This type of warehouse from Amazon receives products from other businesses like vendors and stores. Perfect for FBA users. Then it ships those items to fulfillment centers according to the need. This is not only an economic boost, it will also create 900 jobs according to the officials.

The location is north of Hyundai Boulevard, between I-65 and Highway 31. You will see that the area is very strategic and has an airport nearby. And it will likely work with all the other fulfillment centers in the state.

Distribution Center in Dothan City

This is a very recent event. Construction workers are seen clearing a construction site in Dothan. And these activities started in march 2024.

There is not a lot of buzz about it yet because there haven’t been any official announcement for the site. However the officials from the state and city were contacted along with the Amazon officials they did not have a negative reply as well. You can check the news here.

Beyond State Lines: Warehouses Serving Alabama’s Needs

I had to mention this warehouse near Memphis. But it is located in Mississippi. The address is 191 Norfolk Southern Way, Byhalia, MS 38611, United States. The code here is MEM2.

This unique fulfillment center serves almost three states: Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, the state it was primarily built for. So it’s a very interesting one. If you want this three-state advantage in your FBA business with low cost, you can go for this warehouse.

Final Words

That was a lot for a Median state. You will understand if you read about warehouses of other comparable states.

In short there are four primary locations. And two other primary locations under construction. You have a ton of other warehouse facilities. And that is the surprising part for this state. Hubs, lockers, and other facilities are littered all around the state.

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