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The most important part of your selling strategy on Amazon is your product research. Whether you are a beginner or expert Amazon seller, this task should not be underestimated.  Learning how to select the right product can boost your business in the first year.  

Most sellers on Amazon find these important tasks frustrating, and undoubtedly, it is a huge task. This article will review the top things to learn in your first year as an Amazon product researcher. But before that, let’s consider what Amazon product research means.  

What Is Amazon Product Research? 

This is simply the process of researching for products to sell on Amazon. It is done to know which product is trending so that you can grab a slice of the action. The idea is to find products you can get at an inexpensive rate and sell to make a profit. This may sound simple, but it isn’t. Amazon product research involves lots of factors to consider before selection. For example, you need to learn how to select your niche, your competition, know any brand restrictions and fees.  

Importance of Amazon Product Research 

As an Amazon product researcher, you need to invest more time in learning your research skills. So that you can spot potentially profitable products. You don’t choose any product because of its good looks and think they will sell on Amazon.  

It doesn’t happen that way because what you think and what the research says will be the opposite. So, always sell what sells and not what you want to sell. Making uninformed decisions and guesses will not take less your business to successful growth. Product research can be overwhelming because most people don’t know what to focus on.  

Top Things to Learn in Your First Year as An Amazon Product Researcher 

Doing product research is the way of getting products that will sell effectively on Amazon. So, as product research, you must ensure you do it right and know-how to carry out your research.  

How to use Amazon list 

The Amazon bestseller list is the first place to visit on Amazon if you want to do your research. This list has ‘bestsellers’ and ‘movers and shakers, ‘gift ideas’ and ‘most wished for’ sections. All these can offer insights into the type of products you should add to your inventory.  

Every tab on top of the page is helpful for your research. It can be used to see the top 100 bestselling products in any category. You must choose a subcategory and check the top 100 available there. The products here will have less competition and properly niched down.  

Also, make use of the Hot New Release section to identify the products selling and new products that will be released soon. You should also niche it, and the research should be based on similar products.  

Utilizing Google trends 

One of the tools you should learn how to use for your research is Google trends. Use the tool to set alerts to get notified immediately there is a trending or popular topic.  

Although you won’t be directly notified about the products as such, you have the advantage of being able to see relevant stories that are related to the business and product needs. You will have products to explore and sell on Amazon.  

However, you can search directly on Google trends. Select the United Kingdom, search for the product you want, and select we search to see the results gotten from related products. The results will always help get ideas to research even more.  

Connect with a supplier 

Maybe you are a seller on Amazon or related to a supplier, one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to do product research is to speak with a supplier to get the full details on the hottest product trends and bestselling products.  

Make sure the supplier already has their finger on the pulse and can give you inside details. Even as a seller, making purchases from a trusted source will lower the unit cost rate. Learn how to stay connected with a supplier because you can get more information about new products and discounts.  

How to Investigate the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ and ‘Customers Also Bought’ Sections 

Also, an effective way of doing Amazon product research on the Amazon platform is to check the sections below the primary listings that can give you more details about the products. Everybody will need a rough idea of the product and niche they want, but learning these tactics will help them understand the buying process and potential customers thought, but they will also get the opportunity to research and create a unique product bundle. 

Now, the frequently bought together products can be combined into one product that can rank as a best seller. While customers who also bought products are more likely to be popular.  

Using AliExpress to find bestsellers 

This is an amazing tactic for Amazon product research, but it is often overlooked. This platform is among the biggest trade marketplace with free access. So, it can be used for product sourcing and research.  

Although you won’t find a page for bestselling products, you can still check it in three easy ways:  

  • Select a category or subcategory.  
  • Group the results according to ‘orders’ to display the products with the highest sold numbers 
  • Filter the results to show the highest rating 

This will display the top-selling products in your category or subcategory.  

Final Thoughts 

Learning these strategies mentioned above will make your Amazon product research less frustrating as an Amazon product researcher. It will also help you to have the edge over other researchers and attract more clients to yourself. You won’t need to waste time trying to bring out the products that are non-starters when you already know how to narrow down your search and get the best-selling products. These tactics are the easiest way to starting as a researcher on Amazon.  

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